In Nizhny Tagil, the imam of the local mosque, Fanis Galiyev, was convicted for distributing extremist literature. According to the spiritual mentor himself, he collected these books in order to destroy them.

According to, a prosecutor’s check found 23 books in the possession of Imam-Khatib Fanis Galiyev, which were included by the Ministry of Justice in the list of extremist materials.

Fanis Galiev himself told the Vse Novosti news agency that he really kept these books, but he collected them in order to study and then destroy them.

“There is a fine line. Today these are not extremist books, but tomorrow they will be extremist. This can be determined by a spiritual person, not a secular one. These books that have been discovered cannot simply be thrown away. They must either be buried or burned,” says Imam Fanis Galiev.

Galiyev was eventually sentenced to a fine under an administrative article.

Fanis Galiev has been preaching Islam in Nizhny Tagil for 20 years. The Mahalla Mosque is located on Vostochnaya Street, in the building of a former kindergarten. According to the imam, several hundred Muslims come to the service every weekend, and thousands on holidays.

Mosque on East street. Photo: