The Iowa High School Athletic Association has voted to add a socioeconomic factor to the football rankings.

Pending approval by the Iowa Board of Education, the new model will go into effect for the 2023/2024 football programming cycle.

The model is currently used in Minnesota and will deduct 40% of a school’s free and reduced lunch count from the annual enrollment numbers to determine a school’s rank.

For example, if a school with 500 students has 100 students on free or reduced-price lunch, the school may subtract 40 from the total enrollment (40% of 100). Ultimately, that school’s football ranking number would be 460.

Only 263 of the 365 IHSAA schools voted. To pass, 50% or 60% of the total number of voters must be in favor of the amendment. The vote breakdown is below.

Yes: 211 votes

  • 80% of those voting
  • 58% of the membership

No: 52 votes

  • 20% of those voting
  • 14% of the membership