The successful musical group kpophas a wide musical catalog that you can enjoy, among such a varied content you can find songs for each situation or emotional state that you are experiencing.

It is proven that music helps to change and stabilize people’s emotions, and the songs of bts They are no exception, we can find tracks that mainly deal with fostering our self-love and growing as people, and this is the most important thing before thinking about any relationship.

But as we mentioned before, the talented group has a wide list to choose from, and if you want to win back the love of your life, give yourself another chance with the person you like, without sounding desperate about it. BTS has the ideal song, “never seen» is recommended for this situation.

“Jamais Vu” from his album “Map of the soul: Person«, of 2019, tells us the sad story of a young man who made a mistake with his beloved, which would cost him the relationship, and he would no longer know what to do to be happy again with his ex-partner. and this is where the BTS boys tell us that the protagonist of this story would be able to do anything to remedy his guilt and turn on the light of his beloved’s heart again.