Mortgages are currently available on the market in 7% of the year. Do you have any idea how many people will be affected by the mortgage refixation this year and the associated growth in mortgage payments?
Qualified estimates that the fixation will take place this year with 50,000 mortgage contracts.

For what year did they get a mortgage and how much will they pay you?
Mortgages with the fixation pillet will most often be held. This means that the mortgages that the people have agreed with the year will be around two percent. The rate for these clients will therefore be three times. Seven and ten years of fixation were equal to one and three and a half percent. In this case, there will be a double rate increase.

Could you make it in pensions, msn mortgage payments?
If we consider an average mortgage of a million crowns, then the installment will be between three and seven thousand crowns. Bad on long maturities and original years rates.

How high do you see years for mortgages in the fifth year?
It is clear that rates will peak at the end of the summer and stagnate in the second half of the year. It is not expected that rates will fall sharply in the first year.

Jan Brejl

  • He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University in Brno.
  • Since 2020, he has been the sales director at the financial consulting company Partners.
  • He worked for GE Money Bank (now MONETA Money Bank) in positions in retail and retail banking.

Do you think that households that end the fixation in the first year should refinance themselves now, or should they repent, and how will the situation develop?
I would not recommend refinancing until now. I would like to start preparing a family budget in addition to the installments. So create a reserve.

What strategy do you recommend at the moment? What length of fixation would you choose with regard to the development of rates and the year offered?
At present, it is appropriate to offer a new offer of new rates three years ago with your bank three months before the end of the fixation, when the bank is obliged to submit a new offer of new rates to the client. I would compare this offer with the offers of the competition and start negotiating new conditions. Clem does not refinance to other banks, but to obtain adequate conditions as a bank client.

When does it pay to refinance to another bank?
Refinancing will be paid if the difference between the offered rates is 0.3% and you. In this case, I recommend contacting an independent consultant who can prepare a comparison and at the same time, where there are so-called conditions under the offer.

Mortgages are not just about years, but also about real estate prices. Now their offer is sad, do you think that prices will improve in the coming years?
It is solid that more apartments will be built and perhaps the construction work has accelerated so that it will be possible. In the case of real estate, the growth rate of prices will slow down and in some types of real estate and localities it will stagnate. But falling real estate prices in zsad not threatened. And for some segments, such as luxury and atypical housing, where due to expensive heat, demand will also fall.