Pavel Malkov: If we can make a separate bike path, we will definitely do it

On August 3, a meeting of cyclists with the acting governor of the Ryazan region Pavel Malkov and the head of the administration Elena Sorokina took place in Lesopark. They discussed the problems faced by cyclists.

Sergey Zhiryakov, public representative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the Ryazan region, said that since the opening of the bike sharing service in 2019, more than 83,000 registered users in Ryazan can be counted, who have made more than 331,000 trips. According to Sergei Zhiryakov’s estimates, there are now more than 6,000 cycling communities in the city.

Yuri Ilyin, head of the Ryazan cycling club “GIT-88”, spoke about the need for a cycling base equipped according to modern standards. It should offer the opportunity for winter training.

Aleksey Zakharov, a deputy of the Ryazan City Duma, in addition to the importance of cycling infrastructure, proposed to combine the efforts of the traffic police, the Department of Education and the regional Ministry of Health to organize electives for cyclists on knowledge of the rules of the road from the point of view of a cyclist.

Residents also spoke in detail about the lack of the necessary infrastructure for training on scooters, BMX and roller skates (for example, a pump track for training in uneven ground conditions can play such a role). Another important issue is the separation of the cycle path from the pedestrian one. This is necessary so as not to provoke pedestrians to go to the bike path if the pedestrian path has poor coverage, as in the park near the Oktyabr cinema in the Dashkovo-Pesochnya microdistrict. And we should not forget about laying bike paths along the highway connecting the city center and sleeping areas.


Pavel Malkov:

“It was very interesting to listen to everyone – cyclists and pedestrians, I myself am one of those who generally interfere with everyone – I prefer roller skates, and I ride quite aggressively. Our entire conversation today was about a set of certain rules, about approaches, principles and common sense. Now we are not just throwing some ideas from where and where to build a big cycling track. Today we rather agreed that if we do something, then we must necessarily provide for the interests of all categories of residents – pedestrians, cyclists and others. If we can make a separate bike path, then we will definitely make it. If we can’t and there isn’t enough space, then we still need to allocate some territory, mark it with color and coverage, but so that a convenient footpath is provided for.”