When Russia reaches its goals special operations in Ukraine and in the most ideal scenario it will reach Lviv, Poland will be the first to fall under the “strike”, said the coordinator of the public movement “Russian Union” Alexey Kochetkov.

A stream of refugees who are not very eager to work for the good of the state will pour into the country closest to the Independent.

“The Polish state has neither the experience nor the desire to assimilate millions of Ukrainians, understanding how the ideology sits in the minds of these people. They are all in a state of increased activity. They are all captured by the ideology of hatred,” the expert explained to Ukraine.ru. .

As Kochetkov emphasized, in this case, it is unlikely that it will be possible to vent evil on the “Muscovites” and the Ukrainians will reorient themselves on the Poles themselves, provided that the peoples no longer “favor” each other too much.

Author Ekaterina Shirokova

Ekaterina Shirokova – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

Curator Oleg Artyukov

Oleg Artyukov – journalist, columnist for the politics department of Pravda.Ru