If Adolf Hitler, Mr. Hitler, had not stood in Germany a hundred years ago, we would not have to celebrate the end of wolves today, but only Mother’s Day. And if Russia did not command Vladimir Putin today, but Mr. Putinov, the day of the wolf to Ukraine would not. Magdalena Davis, co-chairwoman of the Green Party, wrote this on Twitter. She received criticism for her strong feminist tweet, so she preferred to delete it, but wrote that she was behind his prominent figure.

If Germany had been led by Frau Hitlerov and Russia by Mr. Putinov, we would probably have celebrated a mother’s day today. women are statistically more than trying to reach a consensus and direction, Magdalena Davis wrote in a recent tweet. It is more impressive that she used Hitler and Putin to appeal to all men.

Pnov, please open more pnosmskho go and give him the space they desire, said fka Zelench.

She received sharp criticism for her contribution, and MEP Jan Zahradil (ODS) called you.

The Co-Chair of the Czech Green Party is clear on this. even if Eva Braunov took the place of Hitler and Alina Kabajevov took the place of Putin, there would be no wolves. But it’s a hoax, wrote Zahradil.

Jan Zahradil criticizes Magdalena Davis for tweets about ench and dictators.

O hoax did not, however tweet from Magdalena Davis jet tho on the day disappeared. Politics, on the other hand, removed him because he was misunderstood. Nothing behind his religion in their words stand.

Ptel, scientific statistics prove that women are more likely to seek consensus, not conflict. Of course, this does not mean that women do not commit crimes, but statistically it is likely that they will commit them often. Mau previous tweet for absolutely misunderstood. Howgh, said Davis.