The main tournament of the Oktagon Underground tournament, which took place on May 21 in the crack of the O2 arena, is the boxing duel of rapper Marp (37) and MMA hit by Carlos Vmola (36). Fans of martial arts, however, are so excited when Jonas Magard and Vclav Sivk meet in the ring. The former is named an oction of the Octagon in the bantam field, the latter is considered a comet of martial arts in our country and abroad. In addition, before the race, they both exchange harsh messages through the social network and talk about the fighters agreeing to retaliate according to MMA rules!

Between the day-long shark Jonas Magard and the super-talented attitude Vclav Sivek, this sparked sparks at the Oktagon Time press conference. Magard let it be heard that if he met Sivek on the street, it would be within two minutes.

If it got hard, you on the street or something, then I would absolutely kill him in two minutes. I would get him to the ground and make him give up there. Then I would get up and rip his head off,introduced the MMA, which recently became the octagon of the Octagon in the bantam division.

Sivk, who pays for one of the most talented kickboxers on the domestic scene, understandably disagreed and offered his point of view.

I would definitely never give up. I don’t know if he ever gave up in the back. I have nothing to lose. I think I would beat him normally on the street. He is not a fighter. That he beat Filip Mack for the title, but what is Filip Macek? I speak with respect. I drank you from Russia. I won the world champion and the European champion. I grazed with the best in the world. If he wanted to call some kind of trashtalk, and you do what he wants, but I won’t give him a name. He has 10,000 followers. And talk what he wants. See you on the back. That’s where it is, responded by Sivk for the web MMA Shorties.

Magard’s sweat on social grounds sparked a debate when he said that kickboxing was not as bad a sport as MMA.

Not surprisingly, the two hardened rivals agreed to retaliate according to the MMA rules.

We had a fun time together and we agreed to share it in MMA. He doesn’t like the rules, so I suggested MMAs where they aren’t. He agreed. It’s too dark for that. I don’t care about the rest because it’s about him, ekl ped asem Magard.