The South Korean press and entertainment media provoked a wave of alerts to fans from the talented KPop music group, btssince rumors are spreading that it is very possible that two members will attend the event.

Recent information from a South Korean magazine has set off alarm bells among the band’s fans, saying that namjoon could be attending the awards ceremony in the United States. Apart from this, the rumor is further reinforced when, on January 23 of this year, the official account of the grammy began to follow the official accounts of namjoon and jungkook.

Regarding BTS’s attendance at the most important American music awards, it is still classified as a great unknown, because as everyone already knows, the oldest member of the renowned group, Jinis doing his military service in South Korea, Despite having several Grammy nominations, it is already confirmed that the boys they will not attend as a group to the long-awaited event.

But there is still hope for the fans of one of the most important K-Pop groups, since a well-known official South Korean medium published a post where it named the BTS leader as an attendee of the event, with date for February 6.

For now we leave you with Jungkook’s Dreamers: