The most famous Spanish-speaking streamers, Ibai Y Auron Play, are personal friends of Pique, especially Ibai, and not even they could resist making fun of the footballer a bit after his separation with Shakira and the subject that she dedicated to him, where he lowers him to someone inferior to her.

Ibai is a Spanish streamer who began his career as a commentator for the world championship of the League of Legends video game, and currently owns a team that competes in the European League of Legends league, along with Piqué, who is the butt of ridicule hundreds of people right now.

Auron Play, for his part, became famous by making videos in which he reacted to badly made TikToks and caused disgust, he accumulated such a large audience that he is today one of the largest Spanish-speaking content generators.

Both have been seen interacting with the player Piqué, but Ibai is closer to the footballer than Auron. Even so, they are giving a stab in the back to the player of the Barcelona Football Club, and here we have the reason.

Shakira vs Piqué and Clara Chia

In the middle of last year the scoop came out by the Spanish media that Shakira and Piqué would have ended their relationship due to a infidelity, Later the news was confirmed and we learned the name of the lover, Clara Chia.

In the midst of the controversy, we also learned that Piqué would have brought his lover into Shakira’s mansion in Barcelona where the singer invited him to live when they got married. Undoubtedly a low blow and a lack of respect on the part of the footballer.

In the new turn of the controversy, Shakira vents all her anger against Piqué in the collaboration with Bizarrap, where we can find phrases directed at him, putting him down and insulting him without saying a rude thing, while at the same time reminding the footballer of everything he lost . »I am worth 2 out of 22, he has the name of a good person, CLEARLY-mind, it is not how it sounds, I only make music, sorry for being salty-PIQUE» is a part of the lyrics that has gone incredibly viral. we have the full letter in case you want to read it, and we advise you to do so.

The mockery of Ibai and Auron Play

Streamers reacted live to the song’s music video, and their reaction to the lyrics is as comical as it is controversial, as Piqué is a friend of the two and they were both laughing at the singer’s attacks on him. They even added their own comments and jokes, Auron Play, for example, said that «Pique next to Shakira is an ant». Here we leave you the video in which you can see Auron making fun of Piqué.

Ibai, for his part, released a full reaction video to the song and its lyrics, and it has amassed 7M views in just 22 hours of release. In the same video, she clarifies her relationship with Piqué. Here we leave it so you can see it.