Petr Pavel, reserved for, reacted to the words of the Prime Minister and ODS leader Petr Fiala that he would not want a former member of the Communist Party as a candidate for the Castle. Pavel was previously in the Communist Party, as was former Prime Minister and Chairman of the YES Andrej Babiš. According to public opinion polls and odds on bookmakers, Pavel and Babiš now have the best chances.

“It is his full right to think what he sees fit. In the end, it is the choice of citizens, “said Petr Pavel, An initiative has been set up that collects signatures for my candidacy, but it goes beyond me, “said Pavel. He admitted that some voters may have the opinion of the Prime Minister that the candidate for the Castle should not be a former member of the Communist Party, influence. “It can affect someone, someone likes to form an opinion on the basis of their own knowledge of candidates,” said Pavel.

“I would not like a former party member,” Prime Minister Fiala told Reflex when he answered the question of whether he would like Petr Pavel as a presidential candidate. “Thirty years after the revolution, we could deserve a candidate who has never been a member of the Communist Party,” ODS chief Marek Benda told ODN Prima News a few days ago in a debate.

Activation of Article 5 of NATO is not automatic

Russia is a threat to us, the fact that it has now turned out is a hangover sobriety, said Petr Pavel during a debate at the 400 ASA Gallery in Prague. According to him, NATO states could have done more to prevent a major war between Russia and Ukraine. For example, according to Paul, by holding a major military exercise with Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has decided to invade Ukraine militarily, but according to a retired general who is considering voting in the presidential election, has paradoxically helped to strengthen the identity of the Ukrainian nation. “He co-created the identity of the Ukrainian nation by claiming that there is no such thing,” Pavel said.

“Activation of Article 5 is not automatic,” he said, adding that help from other member states of the alliance would come immediately.

He described a hypothetical possibility that if Russia decided to occupy a small part of the territory of any of the Baltic countries that are in NATO and were formerly part of the Soviet Union, it would be to turn NATO members into fools. “They would expect that we could not agree if a few square kilometers would cost us the war with Russia,” said Petr Pavel.