While watching Symphony Bizzare, I remembered the movie Prakm a few times, it’s dark. It occurs to me that this concert series follows him in some way.
I spent it with Karel Smyczek. It’s something else, of course, but Symphony Bizzare added an ultl document to map our entire career.

Will you take care of him?
Yes, I went through it all with the band, it’s clear to me what should be in it. The documentary will be surprising in some people, because there people will learn about things from our lives that the media did not notice at all. They didn’t drink much of them, but they did. In addition, if someone from outside worked on it, you would be afraid that it would touch us or offend us. But we can make fun of ourselves.

It’s an unpainted gnius. He can conduct five hour operas without a score, I get you from the head of the complete Nabucco. Zpv, kad nstroj, word for word.

Michael Kocbabout conductor Steven Mercuri

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