At the press conference of the organization Clash of the Stars Words about bodybuilding fell againFilip Grznr and Alee Bejrawho have not been in the forest for a long time. The first named Bejra u ponkolikt called for a rescue according to the rules of the MMA. The bald provocateur then shot a reactionary video, raging the television in a rage and throwing it out the window.

Bejr has now revealed that the organization is indeed one and back with Grznr in the near future. But I have a few conditions.

If there is a loss, it will be the biggest bizarre that the esk internet has started. People want to see it and I want to get paid for it, because I want to secure my family, for which I would easily live. I imagine a reward like a Woodpecker (Marek Valek, editor’s note), said Bejr, who is also intensively preparing for several bodybuilding competitions.

According to time-informed sources, Express influenced Marek Valek alias Datel takes about 300 thousand crowns, which is more than elite octagonists.

Do you want a total freak? I didn’t show what everything is in me! The press conference with me would be so cruel that it would go to TV! But I want money for that. They want m, not j is, explained Beir, who made me a few more requests.

I will not save with Grznr according to the MMA rules. He is 100 kilos and is poured. I prefer thaibox. If we agreed, I would go to Thailand like Jean-Claude Van Damme in Kickboxer and I would go all the way. At two, I said that when I come with me, I want a doping control, but it’s not real, because he’s been pouring for years. But it could be a good promo … Sypa against naturl,Beir smiles, his famous videos with the homeless.

Beir with the homeless Mona

Grznr sent me a video about a wolf, to Beir, who is a Ukrainian woman

When it comes to sight, Beir has a lot to do what Grznr accidentally told the social network recently. On the body, the bodybuilder talked about drinking a wolf in the Czech Republic.

Grznr really sucked this, and he should have the fight. My wife is a Ukrainian woman with a family in areas where she wants to. If she wants a wolf, she will have her in a cage, says Beir, who has such a very interesting proposal.

Whoever loses, disappear from the eskho YouTube. Normln has a profile and ends, k Beir.

But Beir is a Psychopath.

I’ll read it, Grznr promises

Clash of the Stars promoter Tom Linh Le Sy confirmed that the return between Beir and Grznr was in the same.

Ale and I talked a few times. They were one of the first people I addressed. Last year, he and Philip didn’t want to save according to the MMA rules, and he didn’t change his mind. From the side I eat them and let’s agree, said Le Sy, who is not sure if Grznr will come to pass according to the rules of Thai boxing.

Nm plzesk influencer indicates that it would calm down.

I’m going with him, but Thaibox would be very dangerous for them. I’m for MMA because he doesn’t get as many parties there as he did in Thai boxing. I don’t have to, I will keep reading, vzkzal to Bejr Grznr.

Beir would have a lot of fun in the future.

He underestimates me a lot, but I regularly thorn and have good kicks. For his sake he had two knees, and his physics was very good; youtuber from Pardubice boasted.