Singer Michal David he himself is very active on social networks, because he thinks that it simply belongs to today and especially to business. But on the other hand, he realizes that it is also the ruin of young people who only live in the virtual world. Therefore, he and his wife and his daughter Klára, who is Sebastian’s mother, agreed that he would definitely not sit connected to the Internet from morning to evening. How do they do it?

“He still has something to come up with. So he does a lot of sports, that’s why it’s not so much on the Internet, but I know the kids who are on it for days. And I don’t think that’s very good. “ he was talking in front of the Express camera.

The boy even has a limit on how long he can be on social media to keep it under control.

“She spends an hour a day on the Internet. Of course he will give some chats and videos, but it’s not much, “ Michal added proudly. He wouldn’t even mind setting up a social media profile. But he would have to keep it under control so he knew what Sebastian was doing there.

Michal David came with his grandson Sebastian and his wife Marcela.

Michal David and Petr Kolář at the premiere of the film Angels Behind the School

“It simply came to our notice then. We also lived with something else in our youth. Rock and roll were pouring in and we started playing pop. It’s all shifting somehow. So I have nothing against it, but I have against what sometimes arises. For example, brutal videos where blood flows and everything is possible, “ David concluded.

He also relies on his new film to inspire young people to dance and sing and persuade them not to spend time on the phone.