As part of a conversation on the morning show Lorraine, from the channel ITV from British television, the actor Henry cavill reiterated his desire to return to the role of Superman in the future

During the conversation, the actor also stressed that it was an honor to play the character, calling it “a wonderful opportunity” in his career. “Even if I stopped acting tomorrow and went to live on a yacht or travel the Mediterranean … I could look back and say I wore a cape, jumped around the place and entertained some people,” he said.

The last participation of the actor in the role of the man of steel was in Justice League. At one point it was reported that a guest appearance was in the offing in the Shazam movie, but Cavill couldn’t agree due to scheduling problems.

At the same time, in the past he has made clear his interest in staying in the role, although officially at Warner Bros. they have not stated whether or not that is possible. Although characters like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash will have movies in the future, nothing has been said about Superman.

“I still have the suit,” Cavill revealed. “Just in case, yes I do, I do. I am ready and waiting for the phone calls, “he added.