Tom holland Y Zendaya They have undoubtedly become the couple of the moment, but they are not the first to generate this effect on the public. They had already done it before Andrew Garfield Y Emma Stone in the two tapes of El Amazing Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man).

Released in 2012 and 2014. Both actors were dating in real life, playing Peter and Gwen Stacy, so their fictional relationship looked pretty real back then.

In an interview with The New York Times, Amy Pascal, producer of Sony Pictures, revealed that he did have a conversation about it with the young stars that make up the current arachnid franchise that is part of the UCM.

According to him, he warned them that it was not a good idea to get involved romantically, because that could affect the work in the future. In the end, love broke through and her advice was ignored.

Many would be grateful today that Tom Holland and Zendaya ignored the producer, because of their love in the promotion and red carpet of Spider-Man: No Way Home he has touched all his followers.

In addition, the bond they share is projected much more in the newly released film, since the protagonist faces a complicated situation that affects his family, his friends and his girlfriend.