Hardly a day goes by that Jaromr Soukup (53) does not inform on Instagram how personal he is and how much he loves his current partner Agta Hanychová (37). Even if this bizarre project seems like an eyesore to some, the two of them really get along. But their outward testimony about how much they love each other after a month of relationship hurts me and hurts me a lot.

Even if this non-traditional cause arouses conflicting emotions for some, they must be left alone. It’s a great way to add love to Instagram. Although you are just wondering, their relationship started a month ago, but both of them are clear: we love each other and we will show it to the whole world.

What they can do very well. Especially the owner of TV Barrandov Jaromr Soukup he’s like a teenager in love who needs the whole world to know he’s in love with a modelAgta Hanychová.

I love Agta and his world, melt on your entrepreneur profile. Dve didn’t talk much about his relationships, but there’s hardly a day that goes by that he doesn’t post a photo with Agta and a confession.

Agta Hanychov and Jaromr Soukup: Veronika Ilkov is delighted with her daughter’s new husband.

On the one hand, it’s beautiful as hell and don’t be afraid to bleed your feelings, which must be the main mother of two children who dreamed of such love, but on the other hand, it’s a little bit like ke, the people testifying about their great relationship.

Agta Hanychov set out with her partner for traps.

Instagram is a nice place, and the main thing is that you can create your personality and your life according to your own. They wouldn’t be the first or the last to publicly show the perfect relationship that they actually wanted, but the truth wouldn’t be so magical.