It was a shock, I never thought I could have a problem getting pregnant. And so I started attending various reproductive clinics in Brno.

The relationship did not last

In three years, I underwent twelve attempts to collect and subsequently fertilize eggs. With each new one, the results worsened and egg stocks dwindled. We started taking eight eggs and ended at zero.

My fight against the disease

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Long-term mental strain and constant clinic visits have also contributed to the end of our relationship. But I didn’t want to give up at any cost, and I had my eggs frozen until I found a partner with whom to start a family.

I knew that with each passing month, my chances of getting pregnant were getting shorter as I ran out of eggs.

Don’t wait for anything

On the recommendation of a friend, I decided to change the reproduction clinic and visited Pavel Otevřel, the chief physician of the Brno Reproduction Clinic Reprofit. After further unsuccessful attempts, he recommended to me a change in the composition of stimulant drugs, an increase in their doses and a so-called short protocol, during which stimulation and egg collection will take place within ten to twelve days of use.

After a series of examinations, he also suggested immediate fertilization of the collected eggs with the partner’s sperm. I was with a new friend for less than a year at the time, but we still decided to undergo treatment together.

Don’t lose hope

I didn’t really believe it, because I underwent artificial insemination using embryos at the former reproduction clinic and without success. But in my soul I still hoped that this time it would be different.

And it was! In nine months, my daughter Ella was born. After several years of suffering, I have had a coveted baby, and I hope for more children in the future.

I would like to tell all women in a similar situation not to lose hope and courage to try it further and further.

Expert opinion

MUDr. Pavel Otevřel, Chief Physician of the Reprofit Reproduction Clinic

Approximately 1% of women in their thirties suffer from an abnormally reduced number and quality of eggs. The number of patients increases with age. A number of symptoms can alert a woman to possible problems. Especially irregular menstruation, especially shortening of menstrual cycles, and lower bleeding intensity. Women whose families have a common menopause are also at greater risk.

It is essential not to postpone a specialist visit. I recommend patients with these problems to get pregnant as soon as possible, even with IVF. Eggs can also be frozen, especially if the woman does not want to get pregnant right away, but plans to have children in the future. Unfortunately, the problem with the low number and quality of eggs cannot be completely prevented. The condition can worsen and speed up smoking.