I will miss Brchov a lot, Nestrail admitted. I played with them. I will miss the ice, because we played different games together. But that’s the life of hockey. They’re playing another game. I’ll have to find the first chemistry with someone else.

With km you would understand in the flow?
When Ma Kovak broke his finger, Milo Roman played with them. Even with them, it was a very good line. During the years, Milo gained enough experience in Tinci to move a whole step forward again.

Also in five seasons will you have Slovak brothers around you?
(Laughs) Let’s see.

Brother Kovak said that he stood in the cabins against some experienced thunderstorms, when they threw unsuccessful things on the ice.
I don’t know what anyone heard, but we in the cabins hulkme pod, that’s on the bottom. But it’s just that we all want to win. There are ways when someone can’t, when someone needs to sow, other times the bag needs to be supported. That’s how it is all season.

And that was the reason for the tineck must have caught on?
Let’s face it, that’s the way to maneuver, and that’s why there’s a bunch of people here. We are guys. We go to Atny and see what anyone saw. We all go for the same duty. I would be very reluctant in the dark, in which, during the orchard, I just sat on my ass and gave him an aunt.

Take hdky to sports pat?
We all get together on the thorn. And they cut it too. They always went somewhere and laughed around the corner, because here they chose the games they want to win. After thorns, we eat something for at least five minutes, but then the heads cool down.

Mete dt pklad?
It’s not like it’s been a long time between us and we’ve been together. It’s just a matter of honoring what and how, laying the cards on the table. That is both necessary. And we are old enough to correct any discrepancies.

You were one of the young people who dared to take the trenry.
(Laughs) Yeah, we have a lot of brothers, and at home we express our love by making fun of each other. I also take some compassion as a bite of thorns. Of course, when it gets dark, things are simple. If it weren’t for me, I would never dare to get trunks. But we’re a great bunch, so when the window came up, I took advantage of it.

Five seasons will be a lot again. You will get used to the new trainer, the changing darkness.
It will be different, but on the other hand, when we look at the game, who did not even make it to the line-up in the playoffs, they are all super hockey players and they can complete the drill in peace. Let’s see what it will be like, how the new trainer Zdenk Motk will be, but the skeleton remains here. We will want to play again.