Singer Hana Zagorov (75) talked about her poor health for Showtime and is not very good for fans at first. She began to suffer from a very so-called diseased bone, which did not allow her, at least for the time being, to come to bed.

Favorite singer Hana Zagorov one stepped up after another and no one came forward. Not only the fans, but also the comrades started talking about the Czech show business bt. It began to show that she still did not get out of post-Pover’s syndrome and succumbed to depression. And she probably wanted to do that and talked.

Mm osteoropa, said Hanika-Psnika, who must wear a special corset to avoid breaking the vertebrae.

It’s because of the pain. I broke your vertebrae and then ride one over them, Hana talked about a big and painful problem.

Hana Zagorov introduced her new medical accessory.

You must have a fixed question, because the bone is in constant danger and worries about your health, which is understandable. But who would have expected that because of that, the wife of the opera tefana Margity, who is a great support, she resigned herself to life and at home she drowns over the bottom, it is not so. The sound above the water is full in the future, when the horse would appear in front of the fans.

But it just won’t be in the foreseeable future. He has to go to the heap first.

I have to be in bed a lot, but I started preparing a record. I have seven songs ready and they are very beautiful. AND It will look like time, and I will take the power I used to, so I will run and be there! Damn it, I have to, don’t, Zagorov complained.