Recently, the waters of the swimming world have been dominated by Lia Thomasov. It’s about a transgender swimmer who was born and until relatively recently lived and seduced like a man, only she was classified as a woman and everything was about a hot dog. This is far from the only thing that the soup has.

Riley Gainesov, a former swimmer at the University of Kentucky, talked about the woes of being seduced by a woman who is considered a woman but is actually a man.

The long-term ast Lii Thomasov in the English division of the NCAA association criticizes. He points out that transgender people have a male body, and thus developed musculature, including lung capacity and the like.

In the program of the late host Tucker Carlson on Fox News, she brought up some intimate issues. Namely, she pushed Liu Thomas with his penis into the women’s gym at the last competition with other NCAA swimmers and didn’t even warn them about it.

We were not alerted to it at all. I don’t think it’s the right thing to do, to let us hang out with someone who has other bodies. Gaines pointed out.

That’s how we were not only forced to seduce him, but that’s how we were forced to get involved with him. And so we sit there and we don’t even know who to talk to, who to confront, because this is all done behind the scenes and very discreetly, she added.

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is visible and stronger than the soap operas.

As it turns out, this is a rather widespread problem. Riley is far from the only one who has a flaw in English, she just had the courage to face things.

In January, swimmers from the University of Pennsylvania claimed that Lia Thomasov doesn’t even sleep in England and her penis is stunted. On the contrary, after atn, the pr parades completely naked.

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomasov

At the time, my colleagues were afraid to come out of anonymity for fear of being hounded and labeled as transphobic. They expressed their concerns to at least the trainer, but he ignored them.