Not only did the singer Rihanna (34) set the point in the presentation of the Thotensky bka, but we also find those who showed their blessed condition. You like Aneta Krejkov (31) during the sweet eye, perhaps she didn’t even get around the T-shirt. And the influenza Zuzana Plakov (30) is quite on her heels.

In the dark, photos of this worldwide star are showing more and more Rihannywho even before the birth does not break his head with copper and will wear the shortest he has at hand.

The navel is really a citizen, it doesn’t have to be nice for her to act like that in public, but as a busy mother she obviously boasts about me.

Rihanna doesn’t cover much even in thotence.

And she’s not alone. Even at the time when she was the first actress Aneta Krejkov, she didn’t wear anything long, not a bra. Since her son was waiting for lt, instead of dressed, she took a swimsuit top and a mole T-shirt.

Aneta Krej

This is how she went to social events, where she proudly wore a thotenskbuch and almost to childbirth. Ever since she’d found out the joy, she’d been revealed more than in the past.

So influenza Zuzana Plakovwho has recently been in custody for suspected drug sales, is starting to round up and definitely does not want to keep it to himself.

Zuzana Pla

Instagram profile is flooded with one photo after another. Even from various events, when he goes out on a lot of questions, he always has a navel outside so that everyone can see that she will soon become a mother.