The Finns did not show much ahead. They fired only twelve times, in addition, for example, Marko Anttila missed an uncovered goal when Vejmelka was already helpless.

However, a little luck belongs to the goalie profession. The former goalkeeper of the Brno Kometa did not make a mistake, the team could rely on him just like on Thursday against Mark Langhamr against Sweden.

“Karel was excellent in goal, he needed such a match before the start of the World Cup,” praised head coach Kari Jalonen.

Petrus Palma took care of the only Finnish intervention. The small forward attacked the Czech defense, indicated his back to the backhand, pulled the puck to the other side and comfortably slid it behind the lying goalkeeper. “He lured me there a little bit, I jumped on him. Maybe I could wait a while, but he did well. Fortunately, it didn’t endanger anything, “Vejmelka said.

The palm thus deprived the man with the unconventional number 50 on his back of a clean account with which he could decorate his premiere.

“Zero would be another plus, but the main thing for us is that we played a good match and we have three points. We played great. All the lines played great, we can only be satisfied, “said the goalkeeper, who intervened in 52 games in the finished basic part of the NHL.

This time he had to adjust to a smaller team. While facing one missile after another in Arizona, he waited calmly for several minutes on Saturday in Stockholm.

“I’m used to a completely different job, so it was different for me, but it’s positive that we were able to block a lot of missiles. We played well from behind, so maybe we will continue. I was excited about the boys, “he continued in superlatives.

The only thing that caused Vejmelek a little trouble after all was the different ice rink. Overseas, the ice is narrower, the goalkeeper is much closer to the guardrails in certain places.

“It’s an automatic movement I’m used to. When I drove here for the first time or the second time, I was surprised to have to take two extra steps. It’s not a difference of a few cents, but twenty or thirty numbers, “he explained.

The Czechs will complete the general championship at the world championship on Sunday, when they will challenge Switzerland. Then they will move to Finland, the venue of the tournament. Vejmelka is not deciding if she will be number one at the championship. “It doesn’t really matter who is in that gate. Especially if he wins, “he said.