How do you type a hunter? Are you used to facing a problem and deciding your own life? Take a proactive approach to life, can you handle the situation ahead of time and prepare for it? Or or, how do you fly for life in HV? Decide what, and when did the situation and external circumstances affect him and you are the so-called reactive type of hunter?

If there is a kind of characteristic in the village, you will encounter a decision skeleton, the so-called decision paralysis. This was defined by psychologist Barry Schwartz in many of his studies as a bone marrow. Decision paralysis is a psychological phenomenon when we are unable to decide and we cannot choose from the possibilities offered. And more is the variant, so he decides.

The possibility of choosing this creates negative emotions and is so frustrating that when we decide to go to the horse, we do not feel such a measure as if we had no choice. Because even after the verdict, we constantly question the correctness of our decision.

And the hunter will mature if the decision-maker parallels, and not, if the decision-maker then sweats, I tend to put them off. As well as the decision to leave where the selection is more difficult, because it simply takes more energy.

The people do not decide on the composition of what is the longest, but on the composition of what is the easiest to evaluate, the author of the bestseller The End of Procrastination quoted Berry Schwartz. Petr Ludwig in National Geographic magazine.

More choices

What’s more, he gave the decision-maker paralysis: a high opportunity to regret our choices. Especially when it comes to important decision-making, what you and your employer choose is not a regular situation.

Decision maker paralysis in practice

Decision paralysis in practice means that if you are faced with the decision to clean up a bad bathroom, or sit down to cover and fill in the worksheets, and these options are not easily comparable for her, I tend to choose a monk (you zalt flowers) or do not do nothing. This will automatically start procrastination.

If we have to give two things and we don’t know which one, we often don’t choose either and we start giving something that is completely indistinguishable at a given moment, he explains. National Geographic.

In many ways, we are not as free and happy as we often think, but vice versa. It leads to procrastination, dissatisfaction, depression and self-pity, when our decision does not meet exactly what we expected from them, explains the novelty Jana LeBlanc on the server

In other words, we will choose one variant and in the future we tend to think about what it would be like if we chose another option. This whole process will culminate in me and a situation where we are satisfied with the chosen variant of me. And the paradox on top: regret over the chosen variant appears especially where the choice can be changed again.

When are the pensions

In addition to the negative emotions, the feeling of shakiness and the stress of having to decide, this process has one strong negative: it punches its indecision. How?

By delaying the decision, we will move to a reactive type of breeding and basically do nothing, and let the situation and the environment decide for us. For example, when choosing an investment, it happens that we browse the opportunities for so long and delay the investment for so long, and for us to lose all meaning. The decision-maker paralyzes this time due to a lack of information. Unfortunately, we never have those, because we never know in detail how our decisions will affect our future.

An interesting loss of finances was shown by a survey of the decision-making paralysis in the USA among American pensioners, who were to choose a form of pension savings. Researchers at Columbia University analyzed the breeding of more than four million clients of Vanguard and found that the number of pension funds reduces the number of people who actually retire.

The employees received more opportunities, the smaller percentage of them decided to retire. Each of the ten new opportunities dreamed of the number of people they chose from the offer, about two percent. 70.1 percent of the people managed to choose from the five possibilities. Only 63 percent of employees chose the savings program out of five facilities, Ludwig said in his article.

The number of pension savings in the US market has doubled in a few years, which has led employees to delay decisions on how to save. As a result of their procrastination, there were financial problems in later years, but so is the beginning of the financial crisis at the beginning of the 21st century, the magazine said.


How out of paralysis

According to experts, there are several rules according to which it is good to make sure that the hunter becomes more decisive. Gabriela Brvnk Milfortov from Golden Gate, who invests in physical gold and silver, likes to follow five principles:

1. Write down your values: It’s ern na blm, or whatever the song is the bottom: as you need. Everywhere, summarize your values, such as freedom, health, family, relationships, career, love, harmony, etc., on the ray. Whenever you know how to drink, know how to live in your life. when you fulfill it, you go. Priorities will then emerge from the values ​​in m. That is, they prefer to take care of themselves. Regular, Milfortov.

2. Decision-making board: Do you have someone in your life, whom you look up to, whose way of life and values ​​you value so much that it is valuable for your opinion and you take it into account? If it is more people, give them advice. Often you don’t even have to ptt them out loud. Just ask them in your mind or imagine what they would do in your town. So you can create advice from people you admire, but you have never met them in your life, or who do not …

3. There is no good or bad decision: we delay the decision due to lack of information, because we want to decide right the first time. Then it’s good to try a different view: Not good and definitely decided. It’s good to decide. Only then will you learn something and you can move longer. Let the situation be brief, and the ride shifts a bit, Brvnk Milfortov continues. And if things turn out differently, didn’t you want to? Make a new decision. Unsuccessful and subsequent experience is crucial, it is simply the price of an attempt.

4. Nevdt is in the horseshoe. Thus, it is, of course, good to find a reasonable amount of information from different sources before deciding. But realize that this information will never be enough and that its complexity will not give a clear answer yes or no. It is important to be informed at such a time, not to incline to any side at any cost.

5. Newt is final: is it stressful to decide because it will remain forever? The mistake of choosing a choice is wrong. The human mind is set at the so-called consistency, ie when we have had a disgusting paradise since we were little, we insist on it, even if they serve us the best in the world, just so that others do not think we have opinions like socks …

Some of them are determined to grow over time and to others we will grow with our life experiences, age and personal development. life is change. Life patterns are evolving. It pays about food, sports, books or investment strategies. Take into account the experience, the development, make a new decision and in time just look at whether Gabriela Brvnk Milfortov concludes and fulfills what they have.