Prince Harry is causing new controversies after his harsh statement, where he admits not recognize his father or his brother.

The youngest son of King Charles III has kept the British people in constant suspense with his statements, and what will be the worldwide publication of his book on the day January 10and a few hours after this happens, again shakes the british crown with his words.

While in some regions the book is already being deciphered, millions of sales of the book are expected almost worldwide, as the statements of the prince harry towards their own family they already declare themselves violent.

For now the duke of sussex He has dedicated himself to giving interviews about the release of his autobiography, where he has stated that he is «happy and at peace“However, some of his words have been hurtful to his own family.

In an interview broadcast on Sunday January the 8th, the prince who resides in USA asserted: «Right now, I don’t recognize my father or my brother, just as they probably don’t recognize me.«. Achieving once again that his relatives feel his wrath.

And although he stated that «wants a reconciliation“He acknowledged that this will not be effective until:”assume responsibilities«, «Nothing I have done through this book or otherwise has been with the intention of harming or hurting them.” And he added that he only hopes that the prince william and his father, the King Charles III show some willingness to reconcile.