The president of the chamber, Dana Veeov, believes that the government should, as far as possible, move towards capped energy prices in order to prevent a wave of healthy food.

The Chamber of Commerce would include food in the critical infrastructure of the state, they would also be a priority gas supply in case of shortage. Do the obligations follow from this?
There is a lot of duty. The company that is involved in the system must maintain the volume of resources, it must be ready at any time for operation, for operation at any price. Basically, if it weren’t for the crisis, it wouldn’t pay to bite him. But at present, these disadvantages are nothing against food fears that they would lose energy supplies. When gas is introduced, there will be a number of companies first. Not that glassworks, car manufacturers, machine shops would be introduced, but the production of food will stop working from practically agriculture, because most of the time there is electricity or gas, there will be no raw materials for production.

Who should be included in the infrastructure?
The system is not delivered, you need to add it quickly. The staff, police and fire brigade are under fire in the critical infrastructure. Now innovations are being prepared, including food and agriculture in addition to energy and distribution networks. The problem is that there are volumes of production that critical infrastructure can take care of, for which we did not check whether it is a real force, and we think that this method is not appropriate. Thus, a list of individual companies with ICs or companies that are included in them must be created so that the distribution lines know that they should not stop the gas.

How long have t been working on?
Now, after two years, it has moved on. Critical infrastructure has begun to need for the shackles, and it has started to slow down. That’s when we found out that there were users, even though the wheels were closed, but the manufacturers didn’t. This was once well done in civil defense, but we canceled it. And we will renew it. Every time the company knew how much to produce, where to bring it, who to turn to. Nobody even says that today. The Minister of Agriculture, Zdenk Nekula, began to work on this.

When could it be done?
Some novel must be made, but we do not know exactly. The crisis is very general and does not even need to be amended. Probably change the operating regulations, such as the government and the ministerial decree, which would go faster. If the bill had to be amended, it would take years. Those companies have to get involved there, they have to agree with it and they will have to process crisis-full ones to know what to do in times of crisis. And you can’t do that for an MSc or a full year.

When companies will be included in the structure, what will happen when they get into existing problems?
The state would have to find another company as an adequate compensation, because being included in the service crisis does not mean that it will be rehabilitated in any way.

What does the situation look like in food now? Two of you said that companies have set very unchangeable prices for which they deliver to retail chains. U zdraily?
Negotiated with the chains are now correct, they want costs to increase and prices to increase. Everything goes up. No one knows how much the inputs will be the next day and it is agricultural raw material, or energy, as well as gas. And there is no room for it to stop. But upward prices can only go up to a certain level, because for many people then stock food will not be available.

Is it not possible to change the volume of production, because expensive food is not sold and spoils?
We do not have any signs that the volume of production is changing. But for some groups of people we see a departure from quality expensive food. People buy volumes the same, but sit on cheaper things, where not so large a volume of meat or so large under the fruit components.

The State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority said that foodstuffs that do not have a component due to the conflict in Ukraine can temporarily replace it without changing the packaging and labeled nrakaky. What raw materials should be the most?
Talk about oil. There will be no sunflowers, and because there is destruction of palm oil imports, there will be no one. Also look for an alternative. And it must not be unhealthy. The company does not know that it will be produced in a week. And let’s be afraid he’ll turn to trans-fatty acids again.

If food is rising, prices are rising last autumn and in real terms and since the New Year, is there a time shift?
The first major boom came from the energy market crisis and the collapse of Bohemia Energy. To this day, some companies buy expensive energy on the stock exchange. Due to rising energy prices, some companies reported 1015 percent of product prices since the end of the year. He said that although January and Norway would be problematic, there would be no new suppliers. And we were pleased that in April at the latest it stopped and prices would go down from the middle of the year. But he drank the wolf to Ukraine, and at that moment it changed. Somehow it can be absorbed, but when in some items it is about 1,000 percent, it is not possible.

Are there ways to stop price growth?
He is pushing for the prices of energy to be capped, which the government does not want to hear, or for energy to be compensated for by the cost, which is what the European crisis is doing. Then there could be a stabilization of prices and not further leaps and bounds. That’s why we don’t know where to go, because the prices of entry are still rising.

The government has repeatedly rejected flattening, but you in Poland are said to give 20 billion crowns to farmers to balance rising fertilizer prices.
France has given farmers and food several trillion crowns. Food and agriculture is such a cinder in our country that it works and no one cares much about it. At the same time, almost everything works for me here in the end, but the people will not have anything to eat, because we cannot import it from outside or at huge prices. Help for pig farmers, green diesel, but no one systems.

We do not want flat support, but a system of what the temporary crisis framework can do, because there the hunter has to prove the cost, and then get compensation. This was done in the dark industry, talk about glass and cars and engineering and metallurgy, but nothing in the food industry. But I can’t imagine we’ll put screws in here.

We are looking to involve the parliamentary agricultural committee as much as possible. The hard work of the producers turned out to be the case, if the foodstuffs did not work, there would be empty shelves like in the country. We went on those shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you forget about them again.

Did anyone go bankrupt?
Then the main names of the company, for example in the past. The crisis will only have the biggest problems, and if the so-called district companies start to fail, it will be a big and social problem. As soon as they release 70 or 100 people, they will go to two. And will anyone come to work with the current price of gasoline? Tko.

Minister Nekula talked about stt peml on the regulation of mar. But he doesn’t want to punish anyone.
His words urit helped like a bubub. When it is said that it could be controlled, people react so that they do not have the first. Only times have changed and we are not like 10 years ago in a very difficult state with etzci, sp is an effort to agree. Traders know that Czech products want and producers sell more than 80 percent of their production across the chain, both parties need each other.

And what about the excesses with business pirates, the minister gave a deposit of 250 percent for some sausages.
Ministerial verbal intervention should help from such matters. But you are honored that trade pirates can only be determined for the store for how much I bought the goods and for how many sales, not for the manufacturers who added value to it. I’m not talking about the sea for how much the costs are hidden and about the profit. These are the different parameters of the saleswoman can only be found out at the store. According to us, it would be better not to talk about march and pirkch about profitability in the entire production vertical. If trade, food and farmers had the same profitability, there is nothing.

Dana Veeov (55)

In the 1990s, she was a researcher at ivoin vroby. Subsequently, she joined the Strategie company as a deputy editor, who published, among other things, the magazines N chov or Krmivstv. At the arrest of the millennium, she worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, then acted as a spokesman for the Food Chamber of the Chamber of Commerce R or the Chamber of Commerce of the Chamber of Commerce R. She became the President of the Chamber in December 2019.

So what about profitability?
The best traders have a profitability of up to nine percent. What makes you food is from 1 to 5.5 percent. Nothing above standard. There is, for example, a mistletoe in it, the profit is 2.5 percent, and she said that it is a very good year. To speak for him. The amendment would help us to make a significant thorn in the way, which some unfair practices.

For example?
The merchant ordered two goods for a two-day event at a pre-determined price. But he sold the goods at a dream price 14 days in advance and 14 days later. Or when the goods were not sold, he shook them to the supplier. The novella, if it passes, has given a hoax. There will have to be a separate contract for each discount event, the date of the contract. From as long as, how much is estimated and at what price.

If it is approved, will it not lead to food prices in the real?
Not yet in the right. If the ministry wants to control discounts, then it is a long way to go, because it must be avoided so that it does not affect the weakest income groups of single, senior and socially disadvantaged citizens. There are fears that their number will grow. Limited discount promotions are not available on the table.

But you should be honored that about 70 percent of our food is sold at a discount, which is why we have such high prices. Traders want to write about the product that it is a discount of 60 and 70 percent, but in order for it to pay off economically, they must have extremely high so-called normal price rules. If the discounts were a maximum of 40 percent, then the normal prices may not be as high. Some things are now not sold at all at a regular price, such as suffocation or kva.