The popular actress has been interviewed by the prestigious media Vogue, where you have made it very clear that you want to maintain the privacy of your relationship at all times.

Olivia wilde has been silent about her love affair with the renowned British singer and former One Direction Harry Styles, up to now. Recently, she opened up about her private life in a roundabout way for a new Vogue interview. He made his fans sit up and take notice.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles were first seen together in January 2021 when they held hands at a wedding. According Us Weekly, Styles and Wilde were linked just two months after she split from her longtime partner Jason Sudeikis. In the months that followed their low-key debut, the pair were spotted multiple times, from local pubs in London to Styles’ home in The Angels.

In a recent Vogue interview, Olivia Wilde gave fans an indirect glimpse into her romance with Styles. He commented on why the world is so obsessed with his relationship with Styles:

“Obviously, it is very tempting to correct a false narrative. But I think you realize that when you are really happy, it doesn’t matter what strangers think of you. All you care about is what is real, what you love and who you love “

Wilde, who did not mention Styles by name during the interview, went on to say:

“I’m happier than ever. And I’m healthier than ever, and it’s wonderful to feel that. “