A moment from the first final match between Karviná and Talent in the darkness of the Pilsen region.
| photo: TK

Karvin and Plzn play the finale together in a row and Zpadoei took control of the last two rounds. The Bank’s founder confirmed the balance of the season with a win: even in the fourth rebound, the home team rejoiced in the win.

Karvint had a great start and in the 8th minute they led 5: 0. Although Pilsen managed to dream a terrible loss, they corrected to 4: 6, but they did not come close to the difference between the two goals.

In addition to Patzel’s traditional insole, Bank was able to opt for Petr Mokroe’s goal. Pea had a good day today. It’s after the illness, I’m glad he did it like that, said Michal Brna. His team thus succeeded in a game in the flow without a goal. Game seven on est decided. We pushed them out of it and hit a jump to the end, he added.

Petr Tochl, a guest, regretted the unpublished water, but according to him, Pilsen hopes for a turnaround. Against such a high-quality darkness, the bank will be lost, but today it was not the best Bank. We were there, we didn’t use the resort. The overall feeling is that Karvin utkn could have played lp and we were about twice as lp, said he used to be an excellent goalkeeper.

While Karvin went through the previous two rounds of the playoffs with a single pork, Plze had to fight against Brno and Zub in a duel. The next one is full of net, but I hope that the five routes will have quality and nboj and we will win from them, he said with a laugh.