Certainly btsafter their separation on the lonely racing road, left very sad to ARMYthus being recognized as the best bands on various music charts, generated a great cultural impact throughout the world, and it would not be a bad thing to see them shine again on stage.

According to his brief pause, HYBE I clarify that this is only a stage of their individual career for the development of each one, so it can simply be understood, that the singers are enjoying a long vacation and then return to sing together on stage, with what they always used to do. .

According to social networks, the event that was presented on the Twitter platform, about the designated ceremony of BTS, as Honorary Ambassadors for the exhibition world 2030 of Busanin Korea of Souththe group was requested in the Olympic Games and I express a news that would be the emotion that ARMY I’d be waiting since your last album.

The group was received by a recognition by the authorities in the candidacy, as a special diplomatic passport for the UNthus being the Order of Cultural Merit medal.

Thus confirming the leader of the group MRwhich will be ready for this year, the development of their production, for the month of October, with the arrival of concerts at a global level, saying the following:

“We will do our best to make the Busan 2030 exhibition come true. We will try to attract attention by using various types of activities starting with the global concert in Busan in October. In addition, we also plan to promote Korea’s culture and nature to the world.”

We will certainly see the group again very soon!