Rumors about a romantic relationship between Vof btsand Jennyof BLACKPINK, have been spreading with great fury through social networks. On Wednesday, a video in which the two icons of the kpop walking while holding hands, which led fans to think that these two popular idols are together.

And to further substantiate the rumor that they are a couple, fans noticed that they both wore matching necklaces or couple.

On the other hand, the companies in charge of both artists did not take long to pronounce on the matter, on Thursday HYBE who would be responsible for BTS’s V and YG Entertainmentby BLACKPINK’s Jennie released an official statement where they say: “We do not know because it is about the private life of the artists”.

This is not the first time this rumor has taken force, previously there had also been talk of the relationship that these two world-class artists could have been hiding, when in 2022, they were seen together on Jeju Island. But this time the response from the companies was different, back then they denied flatly these rumors, now they have assured that they do not know, because it is about the private life of idols.

He army and the BLINK have been speculating and are anxious to find a definitive answer to this controversy, since the recent official statement has not resolved any doubt, on the contrary, it has increased the number of speculations by the fandoms.