The husband of the Puerto Rican artist has spoken for the first time about the accusations of his partner’s nephew, who accused him of harassment, domestic violence and having maintained an incestuous relationship for seven months.

After a court in the city of San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico, filed the complaint of the nephew of Ricky Martin about the famous singer at the request of the young man himself, where he accused him of domestic violence and incest, the artist and husband of Ricky Martin, Jwan Joseph, He spoke for the first time around the accusations and all the rumors that pointed to a couple crisis and possible separation.

the husband of Ricky Martin He sent a message to social networks with which he made clear his full support for his partner. Jwan posted a story on his official Twitter account. Instagram, where does the song sound Ricky, Acid flavor, right where the lyrics say: “And so life, no matter what they say, if in the end it’s you and me playing shy, acid flavor”, this accompanied by a heart emoji.

With this action, Jwan made it clear that he always believed him. Ricky and supported him in that dark moment that, without a doubt, massively stained the artist’s reputation.

Jwan Yosef also shared the message “Hayati Inta” in one of the singer’s photos on his social networks, which means “You are my life.”