The RE: Ukraine project was recently presented in Prague by architect Borys Dorogov, who was caught by a wolf in Portugal. Pesto teamed up with colleagues and during the month they drank together with a woman who would help not only refugees from the affected area. The architects of the Balbek bureau based their experience on the experience after 2014, when, after the annexation of Crimea and the wolves in the Donbas, a wave hit Ukraine and the first refugee camps were formed. They also used their experience of the world.

Borys Dorogov –

Tents or sheet metal makeshift cottages, which look like a dormitory not a decent dormitory, are a bag, according to Ukrainian architects for temporary housing unsuitable.

Due to the dimensions, the standard for hunting was in Ukraine five meters tverench, a new system sweat with 12 m2 and ample space around, also end the project reminiscent of a modern satellite with public space, hits and sidewalks. In Ukraine, it’s a coincidence that you don’t have to deal with the area here.

Socialization, especially in the new environment, has a positive effect on the mental state of the hunter. Being able to find new birds, strengthening mental health among your people. Therefore, when designing temporary reports, it is important to distinguish between the public, the city center and the city, explain the architects from the Balbek studio on their website.

RE: Ukraine

The RE: Ukraine project is a modular urban system for temporary displacement. His goal is to maintain a dignified lifestyle for people who are in need. In Prague, Borys Dorogov presented it to Czech and Slovak architects at the Living Forum International Congress in April, which took place at the DOX Contemporary Art Center in Prague. Sm Dorogov won the main prize together with his creator, designer Vclav Mlyn.

Price and speed of construction are according to

Architect Borys Dorogov presented the concept and materials that are suitable for the construction of a modular hostel. The houses can have a maximum of two floors, they have to be built quickly and so they are affordable.

We tried to use the basic procedures that are used in our country, so we designed the construction in Devotian. If the processing processes do not work due to the wolf, we must have a refund. And so the three materials were created, Devotian, galvanized metal profiles or universal SIP panels, explains architect Dorogov.

The individual modules have the same size, piblin 22 m2but rzn function. They serve as rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and toilets or public spaces for the common people, but also for the shelter. And six different sections can be created. For one hunter, we gained a total of 50 meters tverench, ie ten quarters more, not standard, proud architect Dorogov.

Some houses have one floor, another two, this allows each village to be a little different and turn away from the sweat and character of the inhabitants. Bad for the elephant of the population, whether individuals, large families or whether they have pets with them (many of them came to the Czech Republic with them). The first emphasis on individuality is the great advantage of this project.

The houses can have a maximum of two floors, one town and eight thousand inhabitants.

And the price? One meter is based on 350 to 550 dollars, at the current exchange rate of the crown of about 8,100 and 12,700 crowns. Costs may vary depending on location, technical conditions and section configuration. Today, the pension is coming from all over the world to build villages in Ukraine. I live in one and eight thousand people.

The construction of a small bridge should be completed in a green field in two or more months, then the people could move in. Investors of refugee groups are to become non-profit organizations, international communities or national governments.

The current situation

It’s been dark since your visit to Prague, how is the situation with the construction of modular houses today?
BD: Last week we started working on dal fzi project RE: Ukraine. Our initiative group is to build a pilot for 15 displaced families. The pilot project is needed to show the apartment blocks, test the pace of construction and experiment with construction technologies in order to find the best option in terms of time, labor costs and energy activities.

The pilot module is able to get feedback from the people for whom we originally created RE: Ukraine. The team will analyze the interaction of residents with each other and with space and optimize the project with regard to their comments.

Borys Dorogov explains the RE: Ukraine concept in Prague.

In addition, we announced a week ago that a modular bridge will be created in the Ternopil region within the RE: Ukraine system. Doasn to share for 5,500 inhabitants will be near the town of Zbara.

The modular city will have a developed infrastructure and provide employment opportunities for the displaced population. The city will have shops, eateries, mother bikes and storage bikes. There will be a local recreational area by the river.

The project will be implemented with the support of Made in Ukraine, the charity fund Ukrainian Family, the mayor of Zbara and Ternopilskch entrepreneurs. It was then developed by the land full of settlements. Initiatives of the project are now looking for financial partners and experts in the law of the country.

On the front, you said that it was important that the houses were equipped according to their users, ie individually, the furniture should be easy and quick to assemble. Have you changed IKEA, have there been any agreements that this company could become a sponsor?
BD: Yes, let’s negotiate with this company to supply the pilot project with furniture and give the required design elements according to the project specification.

Olena, the wife of President Volodymyr Zelenski, is an architect; You negotiated with her, are you considering becoming a project ambassador?
In the case of a pilot project, the funding is on the side. We have created a call page for landowners, financial partners and suppliers. As for other actions, we are working on the NFT project, which helps us to reduce some construction costs. A sought-after investor for other projects, especially the city council.

Given the publicity, voice and values ​​of Olena Zelensk, we would consider her the ambassador of the project, but we are not limited to her personality.

Borys Dorogov explains the RE: Ukraine concept in Prague.

Do you have any idea how long your houses will last, considering the longevity of pouitch materials and technology? Can houses be relocated to another city?
According to the manufacturers of construction technologies, the houses could last five and ten years, depending on the conditions in which they will be used. According to us, the existing buildings will be dismantled and reused as housing for agricultural debts in the period of harvest or harvest, military premises or temporary dormitories near the damaged buildings under reconstruction.

In addition to ski lifts, there are other humanitarian or sales disasters, floods, floods, earthquakes, these houses can also be used in these cases, would some right example be necessary with regard to the climate of the country?
It is believed that they can be tied to countries with different climates or ecological-geological conditions, but it is necessary to comply with any specific construction design where houses would be built according to the RE: Ukraine system.

There are a number of your colleagues left in Ukraine, some of them fighting, do you have information about whether everyone is in trouble?
: Yes. I am in contact with the dark and every Monday’s dark calls are an important tool for greeting and chatting with everyone when it arrives in another city.

Project RE: Ukraine sweat not only with houses, but so green, public space, roads, hits and sidewalks.

And what to add to zvr? Perhaps the fact that similar modules should be ready in other countries, including Czech. And not just because of refugees, rafting or tornadoes. Unfortunately, the sale can destroy an unexpected lot of homes. And what about the homeless? The current economic crisis is definitely not their number, on the contrary.

And you really can’t live in tents. With modular houses, this would not have to be the case, and the architects from the Balbek studio offer all the construction documentation available free of charge.

And how do the cars of the RE project: Ukraine .: The main round we have is to strike a dignified lifestyle. We must ensure the usual and healthy lifestyle and dignified conditions in the temporary living of the people who drank home. He is able to do so with the dignity of a hunter.

Balbek bureau

The Balbek Bureau, an interior design and architecture studio, was founded by Ukrainian architect Slava Balbek 13 years ago. The studio designs commercial and corporate premises in Europe, in the USA, and in Slovakia.

She has won a number of international awards: Hospitality Design Awards, Design Best of Year, IIDA Global Excellence Awards, Architecture MasterPrize, The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.