In Nizhny Tagil they collect stationery for children from needy families. In total, according to the Ark Charitable Foundation, 275 school sets need to be purchased.

The list of those in need includes 233 wards of the foundation and 42 more are children from social organizations. Providing them with pencil cases, notebooks and pens for the entire academic year is a difficult task. But to meet September 1 with everything you need is quite within your power.

You can donate different notebooks, blue and colored pens, pencils, rulers, drawing items, colored paper and cardboard, scissors and glue, sharpeners and erasers, folders and covers, pencil cases and backpacks. All this can be brought to the shops “Polygraphist” and “Flowers on Tagilskaya”, left in the department of social service of the Nizhny Tagil diocese at Metallurgists, 32 on the territory of the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh. In addition, on August 28, on the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, charitable gatherings will be held in the Resurrection, Holy Trinity, Alexander Nevsky and Kazan churches in Nizhny Tagil. After the liturgy, the sisters of mercy will receive the gifts.

The portal, one of the leading Internet resources in the field of charity, also helps schoolchildren from Nizhny Tagil. They came up with the Good Portfolio campaign by selecting four proven social projects from different regions of Russia. Among them is the annual collection of the Ark Foundation from Nizhny Tagil. Anyone can donate on the Mercy site online.

For example, the Shirenkov family of Tagil, with many children, cannot afford to gather two children for school. Dad is a disabled person of the first group, mom is on maternity leave for a one-year-old child, says Natalia Shipovskikh, a representative of Mercy. Any donation will be significant: 50 rubles is two notebooks or a sketchbook, and 100 rubles is a set of colored pencils. The money raised will be donated to a charitable foundation.