January 3, 2023, 21:09 – Public News Service – OSN

In the event that the current confrontation on Ukraine will not end in favor RF, the West may decide on a large-scale military aggression. This statement was made by African-American human rights activist Ajamu Baraka. He posted the corresponding message on Twitter.

According to him, the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would mark a catastrophe for the entire non-Western world. With such a development of events, Western states will begin to resort to the use of the “right of the strong” in resolving any contradictions, the human rights activist believes.

On the current and former territories of Ukraine, a special military operation has been ongoing since February 24, 2022. The main tasks of the SVO are the demilitarization and denazification of the republic. As the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin noted, Russia seeks to ensure the safety of its citizens, including residents of the LPR and DPR.

Earlier, General of the Ukrainian Army Serhiy Melnyk said that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation could launch a new offensive against Kharkov in order to cut it off from Kyiv. The military man expressed confidence that the Russian side would start this operation after the soil had frozen. More on the topic read in material Public news service.