The cooperation of Chinese companies with counterparties from Saudi Arabia during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the kingdom was formalized by 34 agreements, reported on Thursday Reuters.

The subject of the agreements is investments in green energy, IT, cloud services, transport, construction and other industries. The total volume of contracts concluded is estimated at $30 billion (1.9 trillion rubles).

In particular, an agreement was reached on cooperation with Huawei in the field of cloud computing and “building high-tech facilities,” “despite U.S. concern for its allies in the Persian Gulf about possible security threats posed by the use of Chinese technology,” writes Reuters.

Previously, Huawei has been involved in the construction of 5G networks in most countries in the region, despite the opposition of the United States.

United States, remember deprived Huawei’s access to its advanced technologies and recognized Chinese company’s products are a threat to national security.

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