December 16, 2022, 20:56 – Public News Service – OSN

There are two types of people: some like to give gifts, and others like to receive. But for both, it is important how the gift is packaged, because beautiful packaging reflects the attitude of the giver to the one who receives the gift. Public News Service I learned how to wrap a gift for the New Year and Christmas in an unusual way.

A gift matters, and it doesn’t matter what it is: a nice souvenir or an expensive present. And if you spent a little of your time on its packaging, it means that you have invested a piece of your soul and it automatically becomes much more memorable and valuable. We offer several ideas for unusual and simple packaging.


Before you start wrapping gifts, you need to purchase all the necessary materials in the stationery store, of course, if you do not have them at home.

Think about what you want to wrap the gift in and what decor you need. You may need: a canvas bag, glue, a box, craft paper, plant twigs, flowers, berries, sweets, glitter, beads, rough rope, or Christmas ribbons.

kraft paper


Kraft is always a win-win and original option for packaging. It is distinguished by its simplicity, pleasant rough texture and will suit lovers of unusual minimalism. In addition, a gift wrapped in Kraft is relevant for any holiday, and it does not matter to whom it is intended, a woman or a man.

As packaging, you can use a box wrapped with craft paper. From above, complete it with a beautiful artificial flower and a bright red satin ribbon – if it is intended for a woman. If for a child, attach a bright New Year’s candy or colorful gingerbread to the present. For a man, a more discreet option with your inscription on the box, with a cinnamon stick, chili pepper or candied fruit tied with coarse rope is suitable.

Paper bag

This is probably one of the simplest and most original packages. All you need is to purchase a craft paper bag of the right size, and preferably without inscriptions. Add a bright original detail to it, such as a large beautiful candy on a stick or a New Year’s branch with cones and berries.

Burlap wrap


Another eco-friendly, natural and discreet option is a rough cloth wrap. Just wrap a gift in it, wrap it with a rope to secure the fabric. Stick an artificial branch with large berries into a rope or with cones.

Photo instead of decor


By wrapping a gift in craft paper, you can add an original detail for decoration. Print out a photo of the person (or him with you) for whom the present is intended or stick a real photo to the package. This idea is good because you will not need to sign a gift, and if you have a large family, this is really convenient.

wrong shape

We are used to the fact that gifts are mostly of the standard rectangular shape, as they are often packaged in boxes. However, it happens that the souvenir was sold without a box. In this case, you can experiment with the shape: glue a large star, heart or Christmas tree from the craft. If the gift is miniature – the packaging can be made deliberately large, then you will definitely mislead your friend or relative.