Cleaning the face from oil and dust is a routine that should not be missed every day. Especially if you use make-up, of course must be cleaned thoroughly after activities. Currently face cleanser quite a lot of variations, one of them cleansing oil or an oil-type facial cleanser. In general, cleansing oil Can be used on all skin types, yes.

In addition to being able to lift dust and make-up maximally, cleansing oil can also remove facial oil and moisturizes the skin. Unfortunately, how to use cleansing oil it’s enough tricky. If used incorrectly, it can cause irritation and even damage skin barrierlo.

Therefore, it is important to know how to use cleansing oil so that the benefits and cleanliness can be maximized. Come on, see the following steps!

1. First, make sure the skin on your face and hands are dry when using cleansing oil

how to use the right cleansing oil

Dry skin, before exposure to water | Photo by Sergio_pulp from Depositphoto

Cleansing oil only works on dry skin. So, avoid bathing or washing your face before using cleansing oil. Just wash your hands and make sure they are completely dry before starting to apply cleansing oils.

This is because cleansing oil contains an emulsifier that will emulsify itself when exposed to water, so it can’t work optimally if the facial skin is wet.

2. Apply cleansing oil with hands while massaged until make-up fade

how to use cleansing oil for oily skin

Gently massage in circular motions using hands | Photo by LSFootage from Depositphoto

How to use cleansing oil You don’t need a cotton swab, just pour it into your hands or directly onto your face. Then gently massage in a circular motion to help remove dirt in the pores. Do this until make-up fade.

3. Use a cotton swab only to clean the eye area

How to use cleansing oil the right way

Cotton for eye area only | Photo by 2mmedia from Depositphoto

Remember, cleansing oil not like micellar water or toner that requires cotton for its use. Except in the eye area, you can use a cotton swab for thorough cleaning. While other parts of the face just use your hands.

4. Add water little by little using warm water while continuing to rub

How to use cleansing oil the right way

Add water little by little | Photo by NewAfrica from Depositphoto

Pay attention to how to rinse this so that dirt and oil can be lifted to the maximum. After all parts of the face until the eye area is flat with cleansing oil and make-up has faded, then add warm water little by little while continuing to be rubbed and massaged gently.

The function of adding water is so that the oil can be emulsified, so that the remaining oil and dirt can be lifted to the maximum. Repeat the addition of water little by little while continuing to rub until the oil is washed off and clean. You can use warm water for this step so that it can help open the pores so that oil, dirt, and residue make-up can be lifted perfectly.

5. Finally, rinse again using facial foam

how to use cleansing oil

Rinse using facial foam | Photo by from Depositphoto

After cleaning oil well emulsified, continue rinsing with more water. Add facial foam with soft foam as double cleansing. Massage the facial skin gently and slowly.

Avoid facial scrub for this stage so that there is no excessive exfoliation that can damage it skin barrier. After even cleaning, then rinse with water until the remaining soap is completely clean.

Well, that’s how to use cleaning oil the right way so that it can be cleaned optimally and does not cause irritation, even damage skin barrier. Keep in mind if cleaning oil It contains an emulsifier which is easily soluble in water.

So, for those of you who have oily skin, don’t worry about using it cleansing oil. This emulsifier will make facial oil well emulsified so that it can be cleaned effectively when rinsed with water.