January 2, 2023, 03:27 PM – Public News Service – OSN

Probably, many of us would like to start our lives from scratch, avoiding the mistakes that happened to you in the old one in the new year. This is especially true for those people for whom last year was unsuccessful. But, as a rule, it can be very difficult to do this, because in the old life there are your unresolved mistakes and problems that, most likely, will remind you of themselves over and over again. In order not to be disappointed in yourself and the new year, and also to start life from scratch, Public News Service publishes a few simple tips.

In order to start life from scratch, you need a clear plan of action that will help you not to waste time and not be disappointed with yourself.

Find the reason why you don’t like it

First of all, you need to analyze the entire previous year. Think about what you do not like in life right now. Remember all the events and how they affected you.

Perhaps you are not satisfied with a problem that can be solved in just a couple of minutes. And this certainly does not require drastic cardinal changes.

Give yourself a chance

Do not approach the issue too harshly and demandingly. Try to reason. If you stumbled, made the wrong choice, or you just got really unlucky – this is not a reason to start life from scratch. Yes, right now you are disappointed, you may be ashamed, and you feel insecure about yourself. However, such situations are given to us so that we can learn valuable experience from them.

It is extremely important not to look for the guilty and not to condemn yourself. However, in no case do not engage in self-justification. Just understand what you did wrong, and decide for yourself that you will try not to make such mistakes again.

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Don’t run old problems

Realize that you can’t run away from yourself. Therefore, leaving the problem in the old year, for example, by starting a new job or changing the circle of friends, will not work. After a while, life will still turn around so that you step on the same rake.

Circle of friends

Before embarking on drastic measures, you will have to decide which people will remain in your life, and which ones you will simply try to keep communication to a minimum. After all, it is people who often become the reason why the idea to start life from scratch comes to mind.

If, for example, when moving to another city, former acquaintances no longer disturb you, then it is not at all necessary to say goodbye to relatives, grandmothers and childhood best friends, especially if they were on your side.

Think about the future

Surely you will want to live better in the new year than in the past. Therefore, it is so important now, at an early stage, to think and take some action to improve your standard of living. To do this, you can sign up for a master class, start reading special literature, devoting at least an hour a day to this.

As a result, after a while, all this will become a habit, and you may not even need to take any drastic measures to change your life. Any change consists of many tiny steps.

Bad habits

Understand that bad habits are dragging you down. So don’t make excuses and don’t hold on to them. Start a new life by taking care of your health. Go in for sports or just walk more in the fresh air, make an appointment with a doctor that you have been putting off for a long time. And remember: to achieve your desires, you need to control your life and your emotions.

A responsibility

Learn to be responsible for your words and actions. In no case do not shift the responsibility for them to other people, otherwise the transition to a new life will simply not take place. You need to change not the world around you, but yourself, your view of familiar things and your thinking. Only in this way will you find a way to move on to a successful new life.

Don’t give up on yourself

Don’t go to extremes. A mistake is not a reason to call yourself a failure. Do not go into negativity, otherwise mental torment will not allow you to calmly start a new life, and your whole idea will fail miserably.

Close all gestalts

Ask for forgiveness from everyone you hurt, talk to people to whom you feel guilty or to whom you did not say important words. In order not to return to the past over and over again, you need to close all your gestalts.

Be honest with yourself

Only courageous people can be 100% honest with themselves. After all, this is the only way to determine for yourself what is really important to you. Honesty with yourself is one of the most powerful driving forces on the path to a new happy life.