Savings rules can help you stop spending money on unnecessary purchases, start saving and spending money on priority areas.

Proper savings will save a lot of money / photo

While money can’t buy happiness, in today’s world it can very well provide a happy and comfortable life. The thought of how to save money and save without too much stress occupies many minds. UNIAN has selected the best life hacks that will help you balance your budget.

Here are some practical tips to help you save money:

  • do not make impulsive purchases, give yourself 24 hours to decide;
  • set a monthly spending limit and stick to it;
  • record your spending using applications or a notepad;
  • use discounts and coupons;
  • get a card with cashback;
  • do not throw away obsolete equipment if it can be sold and earned;

The practical side of the issue is important, but if it solved the problem, everything would not be so difficult. A person is not a robot that can clearly follow the algorithm, and therefore, it is necessary to separately highlight several life hacks:

  • do not limit yourself in everything, otherwise it will lead to a breakdown;
  • replace shopping with another hobby or walks in nature;
  • receive interest from the deferred money;
  • start saving with small amounts, gradually increasing them;

Household austerity may just be a new source of stress, but even this issue can be eliminated unnecessary costs. Practical tips for the home that are relevant during this difficult time:

  • choose energy-saving lamps;
  • detergents in large packages come out cheaper than many small ones;
  • one new soap can be made from the accumulated remnants, this also works with candles;
  • dishwashing detergent dispenser will reduce its consumption;

Everyone chooses for himself the way to save money. The main thing is that it should be fun.

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