December 17, 2022, 17:21 – Public News Service – OSN

In winter, the owners of private houses face the issue of cleaning snow. Cardiologist Tamaz Gagloshvili reminded about the danger of intense physical activity in case of existing problems with the cardiovascular system, Sputnik reports.

Snow removal is contraindicated for people with coronary heart disease, because it can provoke a heart attack. Sometimes a person may be unaware of the presence of heart disease. How to reduce the load during snow removal? Let’s talk about four ways.

Electro shovel

In the age of gadgets and technology, innovations have reached the issue of getting rid of snow in the yards. The electric shovel looks practically no different from the usual tool for everyone. Such a tool is used to remove snow up to 30 cm. People leave completely different reviews about the use of the unit. The unit is quite light, and it is easy to work with it, as it itself throws snow with the help of a motor. It should be noted that the electric shovel is only suitable for loose snow.


A fairly convenient way to avoid serious physical exertion. So, a tarp is spread near the garage or at home. So that it does not freeze to the ground, ropes are placed under it and salt is sprinkled on the ground. When the snow falls, the canvas can be easily pulled to the side. The main thing is not to forget to fasten the rope for more convenient movement.

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The blower is a versatile tool in the household. In autumn, with its help, you can get rid of dry leaves, and in winter – from dry snow. Of course, it will not help to cope with large snowdrifts, but it will remove a thin layer of fresh precipitation without difficulty. A person simply does not have time to get tired of working with such a tool. An electric blower can be used immediately, but a gasoline blower must be warmed up before use.


One of the most “energy-saving” ways to get rid of snow in the yard is to sprinkle salt on the paths. It will make the snow melt in 30 minutes. some half an hour. Suitable as a simple cookery, and technical, which is much cheaper. Nevertheless, you should not abuse it in this way on your site, since salt is a rather aggressive reagent. It corrodes the soles of shoes and has a bad effect on plants planted in the soil.

Previously Public News Service wrote that snowdrifts in Moscow could reach a record height. This was stated by the head of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.