In the first five months of this year, a really diverse selection of middle and upper middle class mobile phones came on the market. This is traditionally the category in which the biggest battles take place, and although the manufacturers no longer have such high margins on their phones, they are catching up with the high number of pieces sold. In addition, the rule here is to maintain the impression that there is practically something new, which some customers also hear about.

At the same time, however, it is necessary to keep in mind that there is no hurry. Although with the new phone on the market, manufacturers often prepare a nice introductory discount for the first interested parties, you will find even more interesting offers at the sale pieces. In addition, it is often not necessary to worry at all about whether you need each new function, an intergenerational comparison will often show the exact opposite. We’ve selected a few examples where you can save by buying a “sale” model – while still getting a very decent device.

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