On the eve of the protracted New Year holidays, the Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region has developed a memo for parents. It contains recommendations that will help keep children safe during winter activities.

Photo: press service of Sokolniki Park

Press service of the regional department in the official Telegram channel notedthat traditional winter skiing poses a great threat to health. Therefore, it is worth considering the choice of slides and protective equipment wisely.

First of all, parents should make sure that the slide is suitable for skiing, in particular, there are no unwanted trees, bushes, poles and fences next to it. It is important that there are no roads, parked vehicles and bodies of water nearby. The safety of rest also depends on the slide itself, including a good view and the absence of bumps.

The authors of the memo paid special attention to the outfit of the child. To begin with, you need to choose comfortable, sportswear with a soft lining to prevent bruises and bruises. It is recommended to provide children with protective equipment: a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads.

While riding, you should follow a number of rules, in particular, do not ride in a crowd, a train or a connected chain of tubings or sleds. While waiting for your turn to descend, behave with discipline and accuracy. It is forbidden to ride standing and lying down, as well as to brake with your hands or feet. All of these actions can result in serious injury.

Experts stressed that riding an uncontrolled metal sled poses a particular threat to both the child and others. Therefore, such a remedy should be excluded during winter fun.