Full scale Russian invasion destroys all spheres of life of Ukrainians, and also harms their psychological state.

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Psychologist Valentin Kim spoke about the danger of constant stress and how you can help yourself, writes “Commander-in-Chief”.

Stress leads to a change in the homeostatic balance in our body. Homeostasis is the ideal state of the body (respiration, blood pressure, intensity of hormone production, etc.) necessary for functioning and development.

Stress destroys all this balance, since a different strategy of behavior is required for survival. A new schedule for the work of all parts and mechanisms of our body is required. Other priorities in physiological processes are required. And all this innovation must also be balanced. It’s called allostasis. Or allostatic equilibrium.

The ongoing series of stresses causes exhaustion of all parts of the body. Stress requires heightened reactions, and there are not enough resources for chronic exacerbation.

If we turn on our responses to stress too often, the chronic nature of the constant turning on becomes destructive. Allostasis is more expensive than homeostasis.

The stress response is vital to survival. Equally important, however, are stress management skills that can be trained. You need to learn not only to “turn on” the alarm, but also to “turn off” it.

Four rules to help overcome stress

  • Physical activity. You literally need to run away from danger. The body gets physical activity and completes the usual cycle of working off stress.
  • Frustration. Bad emotions must be shown. Complaining or even crying helps relieve emotional stress. You can’t keep everything to yourself.
  • Anger redirection. If you feel anger after stress, it is vital for you to redirect it in a safe direction. Canalize, in other words. The main thing is not to redirect it to relatives or bystanders.
  • Social support. We are social beings and ordinary human communication contains a colossal therapeutic resource. We need communication with other members of our species. Otherwise, the stress will only increase.