Most popular messengers have group calls. There are also dedicated apps for them, such as Google Meet and Zoom. The main differences between them are how many participants can be invited to the call and how long it can last.

Telegram. Participants in group chats with administrative rights can start voice discussions, which, by turning on the camera, are switched to a video conference.

In the application, you can share an image from your computer – to do this, you need to press the round button with an arrow, select the application and start broadcasting. The messenger also allows you to make audio recordings of the call.

Now up to 30 people can participate in video conferences.

Whatsapp. The application allows you to create group video calls – eight people can participate in them.

Skype. The application allows you to make calls to 100 participants. If less than 25 people participate in the video conference, then you can notify everyone with a call. Simultaneously in Skype Up to 49 windows can be displayed on the screen.

Google Meet. Any user can organize a 60-minute conference for 100 participants in the application. Screencasting is also possible in Google Meet, but recording is only available in the paid version.

Discord. Now video conferences for 25 participants are available in the application, there is no time limit. Discord also allows you to stream from your computer.

Zoom. The free version allows you to hold group video conferences lasting 40 minutes. Screencasting and recording available.

Group video conferences can also be held in Viber, Microsoft Teams, Signal and VKontakte.