In winter, the body has a hard time, it suffers from a lack of vitamins that we get from fresh vegetables in the summer. Purchased vegetables have almost no taste and nutrients. However, there is a way thanks to which a fresh, tasty vegetable will appear on the table even in winter.

A cucumber is 95 percent water. It is considered one of the healthiest vegetables because it is also high in beneficial vitamins and minerals. Cucumbers are recommended for diets. They are capable of:

  • reduce blood pressure,
  • body temperature,
  • good effect on mental abilities, development.

Cucumber improves metabolism. The potassium contained in it supports the coordinated work of the heart and kidneys.

Cucumber grows beautifully and can easily outshine any other plant. It is better to grow a cucumber at a time when the day begins to arrive so that there is more light.

Varieties of cucumbers that can be grown at home

It is worth noting that not every seed can germinate in apartment conditions. Pay attention to these varieties.

Window-balcony F1

The name speaks for itself. He was taken out on the condition that he would plant a vegetable at home. Its main advantages: this variety is not afraid of shade; tolerates temperature fluctuations; disease resistant. It is worth noting that it gives a bountiful harvest, the first cucumbers can be enjoyed two months after planting.

Hostess F1

Planted in February or closer to March. It tolerates frost well.


Gives a high yield. Cucumbers appear 45 days after planting.

Masha F1

Rarely sick, gives a large number of fruits. A distinctive feature is that cucumbers ripen one and a half months after planting.

Onega F1

The fastest. Cucumbers appear within 30-40 days in size from 15 to 18 centimeters.

Rules for planting and caring for cucumbers at home

In order for cucumbers to grow, you should determine the landing site. These should be the sides:

  • south,
  • eastern
  • or western.

On the north side, the crop will not ripen. Warm balconies and window sills are a good place for seedlings. If you want to plant in December, you will have to additionally cover them. At home, the temperature should reach from 24 to 26 degrees. After the seeds have sprouted, maintain the temperature between 20 and 22 degrees.

Place insulation under the pots to prevent freezing of the roots. Check for drafts.

Take the seeds, put them on a damp cloth or cotton pads and put them away for a couple of days in a warm place, periodically adding water. Then select the best – those that are able to bring a harvest. Germinated seeds are planted in special soil. They are watered, covered with cling film. We clean the finished pots in a dark place for three days.

Sprouts appeared, remove the film, pour water and transplant into another baboutmore capacity.

Do not forget that plants need to be fed, for example, with mineral fertilizers. Provide daily watering with water at room temperature. To moisten, use water containers that are placed on the battery under the plants.

To grow cucumbers, you must follow these few simple rules. The result will please you.

Author Zlata Kuznetsova

Zlata Kuznetsova – journalist, philologist, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

Curator Andrey Tumanov

Andrey Tumanov – Russian journalist and TV presenter, producer, politician