Look like Laffita Ottomans not exactly a light bike. Just recently, he modeled himself after the legendary and main scandalous group from the eighties Milli Vanilli, and although his outfit is absolutely awesome, imitating him for reasonable money was quite an eye-opener for us too. This piece of shit costs no more than 200,000 crowns! A well-known proposal is that the board invests mainly in supplements.

Among other things, Laffita attracted the attention of TV Prima with his expensive feathers, watches with luxury Cartier logos for about 170 thousand crowns. A Tous bracelet for 1,400 crowns and a pair of glasses with Osmany’s own signs for 4.5 thousand.

We were also impressed by the white Converse sneakers, you can get the same one for 3 thousand crowns and you can take the whole outfit to heaven with them. And literally, they are on a platform that will make you look like you. A similar trick was used by the famous Hollywood sex symbol Tom Cruise.

Laffita surprised the Ottomans with a new ace.

How to put all this into practice? Buy a blue linen shirt from Mango and black denim shorts. By focusing on basic and accessory pieces that you can combine in different ways, you will have room to go wild with accessories.

Inspiration? Buy a similar outfit in Mango, add accessories.

Inspiration? Buy a similar outfit in Mango, add accessories.

You can replace the strap of the watch with a similar model with the Tommy Hilfiger logo, which actually also pays for the logo, and even if it’s not exactly Cartier, you can achieve a luxurious effect with them for a very affordable price.

A luxury watch? It won’t work without them.

You can also try it cheaper.

True 1980s inspirations of the Milli Vanilli group add to the main outfit, the braids are easy to pull off and last a long time, but prepare at least 4 thousand crowns for their production. It will be worse with a scraggly beard, you will have to maintain such an elaborate style very regularly, try using a manela to wash it with a hair straightener.

Osmany Laffita boasted a new ace.

How to dress like Laffita Ottomans:

Linen coil: you can sow it for 1200 crowns and it has a similar effect.

ern denim shorts: 900 crowns, Mango.

Converse platform shoes: 3000 crowns.

Tous frame: 1400 crowns.

Cartier watch: 170,000 crowns (or a Tommy Hilfiger watch for around 4,000 crowns).

Osmany’s glasses: 4500 crowns.

Braids and beards: a minimum of 5,000 crowns, and that’s to go outside Prague.

As you can see, dressing like Ottomans is expensive. Prepare at least 15 thousand crowns for an outfit in which you will look similar. A bit of a blast, don’t you think?

Tous frame

Converse shoes to go with cheap outfits.

Ottomans are not included.