December 15, 2022, 15:55 – Public News Service – OSN

It is customary to enter the New Year updated. This applies to both the person himself and his home. Therefore, New Year’s general cleaning of the house is an important and necessary element of preparation for the holiday. But you need to do it right, in order to put things in order, and don’t get exhausted before the holiday. Public News Service will tell you how to do a spring cleaning before the New Year correctly.

General cleaning is always a long list of tasks that takes just a lot of time. And this, of course, is not a matter of one day. Therefore, in order not to run around with a rag and burning eyes around the house, breaking down on the household and being afraid of not being able to do something, it is better to separate all things, then you can resolve issues gradually and calmly.

Two weeks before the new year

  • To get started, buy all the necessary detergents for cleaning, several pairs of rubber gloves, garbage bags and more. Thus, you will save your time, which you may miss standing in huge supermarket queues.
  • Dismantle the pantry, kitchen distant lockers. Get rid of old unnecessary cereals and expired canned food. If there are many identical started packages on the shelf, pour them into one container or glass jar. Do not forget to sign the containers so as not to get confused, for example, where is rice flour and where is wheat flour.

One week before the new year

  • Remove all unnecessary containers and other items from the countertop. Free up space for food preparation. Find silicone baking molds, a rolling pin, a mat, a cocktail shaker. If something is missing – order in the store.
  • Check kitchen knives and scissors. If there is no one in the apartment to sharpen them, take them to the workshop.
  • Clear up space in the living room. Remove all unnecessary pillows, scattered toys, socks, wires and books.
  • Clean the toilet, sink, surfaces near plumbing and do not forget about the mirrors and shower. If left stains and stains – Wipe them thoroughly with a paper towel with a special agent.
  • Buy toilet paper, paper towels, and hand liquid ahead of time.

One day before new year

  • It’s time to wipe the dust from all surfaces. Remove scattered items from rooms.
  • Collect all rubbish and empty trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Vacuum all floors and rugs in the apartment. Water the flowers in the house.
  • Sit comfortably on the sofa and pour yourself a cup of coffee, delicious hot tea with mango and rosemary or a glass of red wine. Relax before the New Year. And if you didn’t manage to do something, it’s okay, this is not a reason for frustration.