True, he didn’t have the best season before. He wasn’t even sure of the contract for the next year. That’s why he said on Saturday night: This year, a lot of people doubted the ability to still win the races. Today I had the most doubts, with myself. I didn’t know it was still in my legs. But I proved wrong.

He became the same figure of the 21-day niche of the day, a fugitive of refugees. And he was also the creator of the tide moment when no one split up for 43 kilometers, and he caught up with the leader of the five-star group, including Harm Vanhouck, Lotta Soudal Park, while leaving Mathieu van der Poel and Biniam Girmay behind.

Normally, the other boys are stuck on my bike, but when Van der Poel was there with them, they searched for him. De Gendt described that we used it before the steep climb.

In a reduced group leader, he worked for Vanhoucke, who was to start the day. Only a dark colleague told him: I don’t have good legs for that.

Therefore, they changed their strategy and kept a high pace until the last kilometer, where De Gendt sailed to a powerful spurt.

I don’t care about anything. I know when it’s time to speed up, and I can guess what others will do. After the smell and breath I had this year, it is an extremely emotional affair for me, he rejoiced.

He showed killer instinct, praised by Gira on social sites. He turned the slogan Vidt Naples and Zemt into Vidt Naples and the win.

He did it in the 426th stage of St. Karari on the Grand Tour. In the sum of mm on account of the year and two months of unequivocal seduction on the roads Gira, Tour and Vuelty, reminded.

Takka met these fuky senzan won the 20th stage of Gira 2012 leading to mtick Stelvio and thus proceeded to sensan tmu city in the overall classification. Te, after 9 years and 353 days, won the Corsa dew again. Statisticians feared that this was the second longest break between the two triumphs on Giro by Alfred Sivocci, his two championships in 1911 and 1922 lasted 10 years and 360 days.

In the meantime, De Gendt celebrated winning the Tour 2016 (in a memorable stage on Mt. Ventoux, when Chris Froome was running without a bike) and again on the Tour in 2019, but also on Vuelt 2017.

Always after nothing, how else.

The fans will talk about his pieces. About those seductive, but also without the starting line.

In the last six years, another cyclist has not survived at any time other than Thomas De Gendt:

Thomas is a strange boy

In the summer of 2017, he drove 1280 kilometers during the Tour, setting a new record for the famous race.

At that time, Greg van Avermaet, an Olympic champion, said with a laugh: Thomas is a strange boy. Most of the riders thought about how to save energy as much as possible during the stage. Thomas, on the other hand, just utrc, utrc, utrc. Its flows are not logical. And when he doesn’t escape by accident, he grabs for peloton for Andre Greipel. He is extremely strong.

A year later (when he spent less than 3,000 km during the season), he and his colleague Tim Wellens talked about their attention when, after the last race of the season, the Around Lombardy monument, they flew to Belgium by bike, even with their luggage. Thousands of kilometers of action, which they called Zvren nik, took them six days.

In 2019, not only did De Gendt complete and complete all three Grand Tour races in a single season, he also dominated the hilly 8th stage of the Tour pot, which drove 200 kilometers in the niche, and in the end of the day he was also chased by Julian Alaphilippe and Thibaut Pinot. .

MORE THAN M. Thomas De Gendt did not go through the front end of the 8th stage of Tour 2019 in St. Etienne, behind them the Frenchman Julian Alaphilippe and Thibaut Pinot.

During the spring of 2020, no one could seduce the sweat, so in the ordinary of that year, he spent at least ten hours 300 kilometers on the route through the capital of the Belgian provinces in honor of the Miln – San Remo monument. Nejdel thorn in mm life. T 잚 ne San Remo, voted.

Cyclists rushed to the ramp in 2020 and in August, the season was extended to November and zhy began. He later admitted: It was too much for me. During the tenth month, he completed 135 seductive days, including the Grand Tour event, and Petrnovan also thought.

At the top he was often ill, falling, not honoring the time.

I had to calibrate.

During the summer, Giro drove the bike to take care of the pace of the peloton in the sprint stages, so that the niches would reach you and his leader Caleb Ewan could sprint for the stage.

Jene Ewan suffered and did not achieve the goal.

De Gendt took care of him. In its typical way. On the technical track around Naples, he used all the skills of seductive to get rid of rivals from the first league classics.

SUCCEEDED. Thomas De Gendt celebrates the stage in eight stages of Gira on the stage.

It is still important to bet on the good, he thought. But today I had one of those really good days. I put my emotions into the twisted sprint. I couldn’t fail, it didn’t seem important. Also because his team Lotto Soudal moves in the descending waters of the UCI and the threat of losing his world tour license. It still needs a few points.

Jens Voigt 2.0

He played football in De Gendt for three years. It was fun, but I didn’t find it interesting enough and I wasn’t very good at it, he said. At the age of ten, I quit football and started cycling outside.

As a Belgian, he was seemingly destined to curry classics. Jene po n netouil. He discovered his service in other activities than in battles on dice and Hellingen.

As long as the statistics, according to them, he collected the most rush in Italy, France and Spain, while at home he won only one of his thirteen championships in the profipeloton, the stage Around Wallonia.

He became in the peloton, to whom the football player kaj libero. So mark an extraordinarily talented individual who can effortlessly navigate between the defense and the center of the hit, where as the creators of the game pull the strings and dictate the course of the game, do not contribute some, often very effective glee.

When, in 2012, Vacansoleil’s team disappeared in a jersey, and after a breathtaking performance on Stelvia and the overall city in Giro, the Belgian media immediately fit him into the future star of the overall classifications.

A LONG WAY TO THE SNOW TOP. Cl 20th stage Gira 2012 leel at an altitude of more than 2757 meters. Supportive fans are on top of Thomas De Gendt.

That changed everything, he remembered. If I could go through St. Karari’s day again, then the one on Stelvia. I didn’t enjoy the moment much then, because I suffered so much at Stelvia, I would still repeat that day. I don’t remember much about the twisted kilometer, I had a dark head in my head, I saw a black snow around me, but I would still see it again.

The bag did not become a rider for the overall show.

There were many things to me. I wasn’t stressed about it, but I didn’t want to disappoint people. I also tried the Tour a year later. After those days, I had 40 minutes of losses and ambitions in this direction.

On the other hand, over time, he earned the nickname Jens Voigt 2.0. It swept him immensely, because the first German Jens Voigt was a rider, his aggressive style was most admired.

Many now consider De Gendt to be some kind of guy.

I think the other boys expect me to take on the role of patron of the niche, but sometimes I don’t say anything in the niche and they then look at me as if to ask: What are we going to pay? Then say unto them, What? We will go to customs, we will not give anything else. I think they expect me to be at the peak, only sometimes when I get to the niche, I’ll just say that in the end it will be just a thorn ride and 25 kilometers before the crew we catch, also an inexhaustible day of extra strength, I just eat my own and done. But you must not show such a feeling to others, otherwise you will lose motivation to drive.

But other times, when I need the parts to go out of the niche really hard, I’m going to n kiet – well, not full kiet – but I dream of motivating them:

The claim that specific niche sloping is essentially non-existent.

You can only paint them under the conditions of the plant. When we have a sprinter in the dark, I’m the first to raise my hand and say: I want to catch refugees on the front of the package. It requires the same strength and you have the same feelings as when driving in a niche. At Tour Down Under 2018, I tore the niches for those days and then one day I rode in the niche. What was a good spin for the late season, you produce 300-350 watts for three or three hours. There would be no such thing in a thornbush. It would take me an hour, but then … mentally it just doesn’t work.

Who will offer him a contract?

Either help the darker or have free hands for the owners, such is his career.

If I were to sum it up, I would say that 50 percent of the seduction is domestic and the remaining 50 percent are some kind of wolf alone.

That this end will not end this year either. Saturday’s championship should help him get another contract.

If it’s possible, yes, I want to seduce. But don’t always have it in your hands, he said. I am also prepared for the possibility that if I do not get a contract, it is over.

However, it would be a big surprise if no one wanted him. And far more than because of how attractively he took care of Giro on Saturday.

Sunday will be extremely attractive. The first of the stages of 2022, which was organized by the organizers in terms of difficulty, the largest number of five stars. From Isernia to the Apennines. He ascends to Rocarasso and then rides to Blockhaus, promising a tough battle of the biggest favorites.

Giro serves a delicatessen menu that will hurt cyclists much like De Gendta’s two stunts on Stelvia.