A reporter from the portal iDNES.cz went to the long-term drought of the region of the Esko Moravian Highlands, which has largely spread to the land of the Vysoina Region, to find out how the residents here have adapted to the harsh conditions.

If the rain is dry and then there is a storm, the water will quickly drain away and not enough will dry out, explains Pavel Pevor, deputy regional editor of Les R na Vysoin for water management and investments, which is the core of the problem with the coming drought.

One problem, according to Pevor, is the following: The basic idea is to prevent runoff and impact volume in the landscape. slightly, as the runoff slows down, the groundwater level rises.

That is why foresters create meanders on lakes and streams. These are twists that can create bon erosion by themselves during the flow of water, but the same effect can also be achieved with the help of a hunter. Meanders bend the path of water through the landscape, slow it down and stop it. Even such a one had a twist until it affected the multifaceted earth, which made it green and did not dry up.

System of forest Hastrman in the forest from Nov Msto na Morav. (October 21, 2022)

The prton and neprton tn i uml ndre function similarly. According to Pevor, another benefit is the growth of species diversity in the locality, at both levels.

Water well Okrouhlice na Vysoin. The builders managed to stop the roofer’s calamity that was advancing here. On one side the forest has fallen, on the other it is still green. (October 21, 2022)

Forests in the Vysoin hide the water in such an unappealing way at first glance. by a bullet. That is, with a twisted pair of pliers from a stretched virgin. There is a cover of brushwood after the felled forest, where the foresters did not have time to plant a new sapling. the tip absorbs moisture and holds it, even a few centimeters below the surface. .


Hand in hand with the texture of the landscape, this debris also goes with the building’s wind wall, which covers the area from the blown wind. Light fir in the fight against drought, but they also have, at first glance, non-ecan helpers, such as the trunk of a tree on a holinch.

The work of the foresters is also complicated by rodents that destroy newly planted trees. To get rid of them, leave the trunk of the tree in the landscape. Predators, such as owls, hunt rodents every day.


The issue of the morning drought is a long-term problem not only in our country, but also in the entire republic, according to the deputy regional editor Les R na Vysoin Pevor.

This situation is a warning sign, as Vysoina is average in a given region, which should be a known convenience. You above the sky generally have more heat and less temperature, so less vapor. The problem should therefore be different compared to the rest of the republic.

Even pesto will meet the problem of drought one hundred percent, explained Pevor. One of the biggest pot is serkov hrn. Even if the day comes the same as two, the problem is their separation. “Not regularly, but more often in both cups during a short period of time,” added the manager.

According to him, the characteristics of drought are similar to sinusoids. This can be illustrated by 2020, when until April the sorghum was so low that the locals began to fear that the sorghum, which is already associated with the problem of drought, would pass through the Vysoina and decimate it. Next, in May, a sharp decline began and the deficit leveled off, which also slowed down the roofing calamity. It is inextricably linked to dryness: The only thing that bugs don’t eat is moisture.

Expert: The extreme condition saw 20 percent of R

According to the Intersucho portal, due to the hot weather, extreme and exceptional drought has spread to 20 percent of the country, and it could reach 40 percent of the country. The situation is not good in the other hundreds of countries either, only here the drought does not reach the highest levels.

The current weather forecast is very sensitive to the development of drought. A hot period with practically no children will mean the development of morning drought, said the Intersucho portal, which deals with the long-term development of drought on earth.

Horen is visible, and for the first time this year also in terms of the condition of the vegetation, one of the authors of the portal, Miroslav Trnka, told iDNES.cz. According to the bioclimatologist, the lack of moisture manifests itself in the fact that the vine is less green and does not grow as much as in previous years at this time.

In the last 30 years, there has been an agricultural drought, and practically all farmers are trying to adapt to this climate change, said the spokesman of the Agricultural Union R Vladimr Pcha. This year, the union has an average grain harvest. This has led to damage to crops due to drought in some areas, and in some districts of Stecký, South Moravian and Zlňsk regions, the savior saw a 20% decrease in yield, added Pcha.

According to the portal, the most intense drought is current in the western regions and in the narrow vicinity of the border with Austria in Moravia. In the course of the autumn, the center of extreme drought was located in the north-western eches, and the anomaly persisted for a long time in the center of the Moravian Highlands.

If we start from the situation when it was a very severe winter, what will be added to the amount of water in the ground, that is, where the drought is worst at the given moment, it is only a question of where the snow will fall and where it will not, explained Trnka.

Green revenge

When we leave the forest and move to the city, we find out that even here we can cope with the drought. Plakd me bt r nad Szava. When you go to ea with the locals, you find that it is dry again and you don’t suffer so much. Not so, but because it wouldn’t exist here. They managed to piss him off.

Even the mayor of the town, Martin Mrkos, praises such a situation. In addition to the sufficient water supply from the Vr river, the main reason why we do not suffer from drought is that we are trying to profile ourselves as a blue-green city in the long term. One of the keys to the mosaic, for example, in addition to planting new trees and climbing plants on fences, is water retention, he told iDNES.cz.

According to the mayor, this is, for example, the recycling of water from the local swimming pool, where 50 cubic meters of water flowed out a day, according to the sewage system, which the city introduced, for example, in two cisterns, and landscape elements, such as the building roof.

The most recent emerging project is a system of large, 500-cubic meter retention ponds that will catch water from the football field, stands and parking lots.

The water captured in this way will be used on the lawns and courts, said the mayor of ru nad Szavou, Martin Mrkos. Until the project is implemented, use at least a pedestrian temporary shelter. (March 21, 2022)

The water captured in this way will be used on the lawn and court, said Mrkos. Until the project is finished, use at least a pedestrian temporary shelter. Similarly, the city is considering a description of the winter stadium and the local labor union hall. Depending on the year, a green roof is also being built and work is also being done with the sowing of the sedge, which soon grew in the form of a meadow.

For me, a high-quality living environment is an essential value, because it improves the quality of life in a given city, the mayor described the city’s motivation for being blue-green.

Damage with no effect

It is not only the forest that suffers from the drought, but also the forest and the farmer. It can also be very noticeable on ordinary residents. For example, since the 14th year, it has been paid for damage to surface water abstraction in Novoborsk. In the middle of the 20th, the government banned the withdrawal of water from 25 watercourses in the entire region, including the Plounice river and the neighboring Lpa area.

Loss of salary not only for the residents of the Czech Republic of Lpa, but also for all surrounding towns and villages, i.e. for Doksy, Zkupy, Mimo or Str pod Ralskem. Even though half of the municipalities in R are connected to water pipes, even though some people have their own wells, residents often draw water from wells, for example, due to flooding.

Water from streams may not be taken from you to flood gardens and sports, to fill swimming pools, to supply buildings and land owned by residents with runoff water, or to wash motor vehicles. People should then use the water from the wells, especially for drinking beer and running the household, Radmila Pokorn, spokeswoman for the Novi Bor city council, explained what is going on under the corruption.

The damage is reported to the warehouse recommended by the flow department, in this particular case to the warehouse of the state enterprise Povod Ohe.

According to Jaroslav Vehla, the mayor of the city of Cvikov, his current mayor, the destruction arouses resentment among the citizens. It’s been like this every year, for about those years. You can spoil the press, but if no one checks it, then there is no point, he said.

He added that he thinks that the damage is done to a healthy crop, so it will also affect the villages and towns that do not suffer from the lack of water in the streams. Water in this area cannot be withdrawn, especially from Boberskho potok, Rousnovskho potok, Svitvka and Porka, due to the decisions of the Novoborsk municipal council.

Damage is checked by employees of the Department of the Living Environment for samples, in case of incitement or accident. She was broken up in the past, but it was always enough to negotiate, shared Radmila Pokorn.

If they don’t come, I would wait and cause destruction, predicted Miroslav Trnka. According to him, the data show that the hydrological drought is ongoing, that is, river flows are significantly reduced. I already expected that even two would come, added the bioclimatologist.

According to him, the drought must end when there is enough rain. By the time the drought occurs, it is too late. Then it is only possible to limit the removal restrictively.

According to the mayor, it is possible to find an alternative to water supply – in analogy, for example, with the currently often discussed alternative of Russian gas – complex. Water is the only thing and the only thing is the ether load, mn. His town is also building a retention tank for rainwater, which will then be used.

Chairman of the Commission for the Environment and Energy, Dan Jirnek, stated that he is currently aware of several municipalities in Rome that currently have a problem with dry wells. The fact that municipalities would limit the movement of water to their drinking water for cooking and drinking does not happen in our country, it is not customary, Jirnek concluded, with the fact that the overwhelming majority of water is consumed inside the household and the amount of this type could not be controlled.