December 15, 2022, 19:06 – Public News Service – OSN

There is less and less time left before the New Year, and the housewives are already thinking over the menu of the gala dinner with might and main.

Oven-baked chicken is a traditional hot dish for the New Year’s table, which is inexpensive and is always eaten to the last bite. Although the symbol of the upcoming 2023, the Blue Water Rabbit is a staunch vegetarian, he will not mind the presence of a bird on the menu. The main thing is not to serve beef, pork and rabbit meat. As a side dish, baked potatoes, rice, or, if you want a lighter option, a salad of fresh vegetables, which are especially liked by the eared owner of the year, are perfect.

Public News Service presents original and very tasty ways to bake a whole chicken in the oven so that it turns out juicy with a delicious golden brown crust.

Salted Chicken

Incredibly delicious recipe. Do not be afraid of the amount of salt – the chicken will turn out moderately salty and very tender.

We will need:

Chicken carcass weighing about one and a half kilograms

Dried garlic or a set of spices for chicken – a teaspoon

30 g butter

900 g salt

Wash the chicken well under running water and dry thoroughly with paper towels so that no excess moisture remains on it. Mix the softened butter with seasonings and generously rub the carcass inside and out. Do not forget to spread the mixture on the breast under the skin.

Pour the salt in an even layer into a suitable baking dish. Wrap the ends of the wings in foil so they don’t burn. We lay the chicken on salt and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about an hour and a half.

Chicken on a jar

Another easy way to bake chicken in the oven. The bird prepared in this way is very fragrant and fried evenly.

We will need:

Chicken carcass weighing about one and a half kilograms


Poultry seasoning set – two teaspoons

A few black peppercorns

Four leaves of lavrushka

Three tablespoons of olive oil

Three to four garlic cloves

Rinse the chicken well under running water and pat dry. Tie the skin around the neck with kitchen string. Thoroughly coat the carcass with spices inside and out. If the seasoning is not salty, it must first be mixed with salt. We marinate the bird for at least an hour, but it is better to leave the carcass overnight in the refrigerator.

We prepare the jar – so that it does not burst from the high temperature, gradually warm it up, slowly adding hot water. We fill a little more than half the volume, put a bay leaf and a few peas of black pepper. Water should also be poured onto the baking sheet.

We take out the pickled carcass, wrap the tips of the wings with foil so that they do not burn. We place the carcass on a jar of water and put in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for an hour and a half. 20 minutes before the bird is completely ready, pour it with the broth formed during baking.

Passed through the press, mix the garlic with vegetable oil and grease the hot chicken with a brush. We serve on the table.